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Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Fabulous Day

Things are settling down and we are all settling in. :)  Miss Alli is doing awesome!  She has learned to wake up early and then she and Sarah have time to take care of their animals, have breakfast and play a quick game before school starts. :)

I am seeing her begin to relax and really enjoy life.  I say that, fully knowing we have a long time of adjustment ahead, but with that in mind.... she is WAY ahead of the game....WAY ahead of where we expected we would be at this point. 

Last night daddy continued to read Hinds Feet on High Places.... at first Alli didn't want to continue with that story but she rose to the occasion, volunteered to answer questions and even started to read ahead in the book when he was done. .....

Today, she came up and said, "Mom, I really love you... and I REALLY REALLY do mean that!". LOL
I just thought that was so sweet.
She also sought out hugs from daddy this a.m. before he left for work.

I finally figured out how to make a new spread sheet for school assignments and we started school on time! Alli came out of the school room with her new schedule and said, "Mama, I REALLY like this!" :)
Erika and I slipped off this afternoon while the girls were outside playing and  had some mother daughter time and also shopped for groceries.  Alli and Sarah gave us a rather extensive list for fruit! LOL
Now, If we could have just figured out what is causing Sarah's hives..... she just broke out again after being nearly clear for 24 hours....ugh!
It would have been a PERFECT day. :)  Poor Sarah! 


:)De said...

Poor Sarah. Have you done a food journal? Maybe do her laundry in clear water (including linen and towels) and she only use that for 1 week. Also new dogs? Is there any correlation between contact with them and rash?

My little guy started with this rash and very red cheeks. after several weeks I just elimnated everything and started back like a baby...introducing different food group every 4 or so days.

sorry... I know you did not ask for my 2 cents (which kinda turned in to $1.63) LOL!

Itch-free Peace to you all ~Smile~

Christie M said...

Hey De, thanks for the dollar sixty-three answer! :)
I am considering exactly what you are saying.
I am really hoping it is not the dogs. That would be awful.
The doctor said it could be because of stress too due to all the changes... and it is just coming out in hives????
I talked to her about it and she said, "Do you mean I could be doing this to MYSELF??" LOL.... I told her it wasn't that simple. :)

I did wash all the clothes in baking soda today for starters.
She is still on the benadryl and steroid. I sure do hope we get to the bottom of it.
Doc felt if it was dogs, she'd have congestion and coughing, which she doesn't. She is fine except for breaking out periodically in red spots.
She did break out at the pool and we were completely away from the dogs at that point....

I will most likely have to do some sort of elimination diet if we don't get this under control. One thing I have been thinking about is food dye. We typically don't buy things like fruit rollups, and Alli LOVES them so I have bought them a few times. They do have dye in them.
We also bought a few other things she is not used to having that are not her typical healthy foods she likes..... there COULD be a relationship there. We'll see.

rolise said...

DS broke out in hives from mustard greens. He loves them but can't eat em.

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