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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dancing Girlies


:)De said...

You know... your dancing girlies are 1 of my favorite things to watch. They do look so much alike that I had to concentrate to see who was who ~Smile~

Both Beautiful!

MariaG said...

Very nice girls! Alli is quite the twirler and Sarah has such great arm movements and expressive dancing. Hard to believe Sarah's got an artificial leg ... it totally doesn't impede her dancing AT ALL.


Maria (Canada) ... who took ballet lessons as a child and loves watching my daugter and your girlies ballet dance!

Autumn said...

uh, yeah, Sarah looks like she has some natural talent. Has she taken lessons? Or is she interested? And were YOU singing? The voice sounded so much closer to the camera than the music...if so, WOW!

Christie M said...

She has not taken lessons, but really likes Ballet. She can put together some really great stuff. :)

Yes, that was me... learning that song, but hopefully can get live music in a key 1 step up. :)

Christie M said...

There are some really cool ballet books at the library that include instructional CD's. There are also instructionals on YouTube. So far, that has satisfied the lessons urge. :)

Amy said...

Have you ever thought about getting them involved in liturgical dance? My friend's daughter does liturgical dance at their church and she LOVES it. The focus is on worshiping God and having fun (theirs is even free)! They perform at church services every few months and even wear cute dance outfits. I bet there is a church or studio in your area that has a class or a program in your area. I bet your girlies would love it. It's also very low stress and low pressure which is nice!

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