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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Erika and The Boy from Baby House 10

I just finished watching "The Boy from Baby House 10", and it hurt to watch it.  It hurt because of how many babies are determined to be misfits, unwanted, cast off, and then it is determined that they can be treated in such a way that it is hard to fathom.  They are neglected, starved, ignored, looked upon as bothers and trouble, and unloveable....IMBICILE.
This was on our sweeties record.... this is what we were TOLD by the Dr. at the orphanage.  I will never forget her words in that thick Russian Accent.... "You do know she was left to lay?"  We didn't know what that was.  We asked, "What do you mean, left to lay?"  She explained what it was..... she was basically in a dying room until she was 4. 
For a MIRACULOUS UNDETERMINED reason, she was moved to the orphanage.... and taught to talk, walk, and toilet herself.  We met her 2 months before her 8th birthday.... we thought her orphanage was sad and neglectful, and it WAS!  But we had no idea how bad things HAD been. 

Many of her memories have faded but I wrote things down as she told them to me. Today, most of her memories are of looking out of an iron crib, somebody looking down at her and nothing to do.
What an awful thing for a child's mind, to give them NOTHING to do.
One thing Erika still does today, is if she is alone, she can carry on a great conversation by herself.  She gets a little embarrassed if I ask, "Who are you talking to?" .....and she says, "Just myself, mom"....

That MUST have been how she coped.... when she had nobody, she had herself and the Lord.  She remembers praying and has described more than once that the Lord visited her and she felt His presence.... I TOTALLY believe that. He obviously had His hand on her life. 

It is comforting to know that there are many stories out there that are similar..... It helps us not feel that things are so helpless. For many, especially the little ones who do not ever get a family, it is a sad, sad feeling to even think about..... but it brings GREAT JOY to see those who DO get out, because of families like those who read this blog and answer the call!

Praying tonight for all the little ones who will cry themselves to sleep once more..... is there a mommy out there for them? A daddy?  A gramma? A grampa?

It is a shame that one child must be so alone that they rock themselves to sleep.


Unknown said...

It was sad to watch and see. But it is amazing to see how much our children have grown since. I had a long post but switched it too your email.

mommajeane said...

We watched this together as a family..It is certainly inspiring to see and the deepest saddness in my heart to even consider a child as low as they do in these countries...especially the children with special needs. I often look at my children's faces and wonder what would have happened to them....

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