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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Painted Eggs

We painted these blown out eggs this week.  I thought they turned out pretty neat!
 What do eggs have to do with Easter?
I was looking this up several years ago when somebody said Eggs are Pagan.
Every thing seems to have Pagan origins.  I would have to say Christmas Trees DEFINITELY do!
But we celebrate Christmas, and use a tree.

So, in my very little research on Easter Eggs.... we found that the Earliest Christians DID celebrate with decorated Eggs, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead.  Eggs symbolize new life.

If we use our eggs as a representation of the tomb, and we have blown them out, and there is nothing inside.... that is a great symbol of the resurrection of Christ. :)
The tomb was opened, but Jesus was NOT there!

We also like to do the little decoration for the easter table of the Tomb with the stone and in the A.M., when everybody wakes, the stone is rolled away!
This year, I also want to bake Resurrection cookies.  They are a cookie made of egg white, and they cook to form an empty tomb..... :)

What are some of the traditions you hold for Resurrection Sunday?

Miss Alli has requested an Easter Egg Hunt.  She is very excited about it.


Unknown said...

Well, this year we are going to use Sunday instead of Monday, which happens to be a Yom Tov, the last day of Pesach, to do one of our little Hungarian traditions: the boys will visit and water some girls and get painted eggs and chocolate in return. Back in my grandpa's youth boys used water buckets or soda water bottles... now they use perfume or cologne. The competition is on who can produce the stinkiest...

(BTW, I still can't get over live streaming something on Yom Tov...)

Christie M said...

LOL... you are so funny.

I think I would call it more of a Seder demonstration for us Gentiles.
It is 5 hours long and the actual Seder meal is blocked out.

The reason for the live streaming is so many people are interested in going, but there isn't the room....

Unknown said...

You see, the whole thing is... if it's live, it's wrong, completely contrary to Yom Tov observance. Simply... Torah abiding congregations shouldn't use technology on Shabbat/Yom Tov. No recordings. No amplification. Not even musical instruments. Do a model Seder on the day before, or during the work permitted days of Pesach, but not on the three days specifically forbidden.

I guess next year I'll just have to send you your own Haggadah, so you can have the meal, too. A lot more fun that way, trust me. :)

(Especially if you'd hide the afikoman. We thought we were super creative this year, but the kids found all three pieces within 45 minutes.)

Christie M said...

We didn't do the Seder meal this year.
Too much going on. LOL (not as much as you, but hey, you are YOUNGER than me!)
We DO want to celebrate Passover. I do wonder why our Easter Sunday, or Resurrection Sunday changes each year and is not at the same time as the Jewish Calendar for Passover?

Unknown said...

Hm, honestly, I think I can't remember a date when Easter didn't fall during Passover, though it happens. Passover always starts on Nisan 15 and lasts a week/8 days in the Diaspora. So it's fixed in the calendar on a date rather than a day, while Easter in Western Christianity is defined as the first Sunday after the full moon on or after the spring equinox. With our complicated system of leap years and varying numbers of days per year it pretty much evens out, but like in 2016 Passover will be a month after Easter, but still a week before Orthodox Easter, because Western Easter will be very early. Now that I think it through, I think it was like that in 2008... Basically if Easter is before my birthday, it doesn't coincide with Passover...

There are a gazillion articles about why they are never on the same day, usually written by Christian apologists, but seriously, how can I take them seriously, when 8 out of ten years Easter is during Passover? Lack of understanding of the Old Testament and the Jewish calendar and holidays clearly manifests... I think the article about the dating of the two holidays on ask.com is pretty decent, even if it uses diaspora dating for Pesach.

junglemama said...

Cool. How did you blow out the eggs?

Christie M said...

Christine, we use a cake tester. We gently make a small hole at each end of the egg and then blow out the contents. You could also use a large needle, like a carpet needle....

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