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Sunday, April 24, 2011

We Made It Through Easter Weekend! Yea!

I wrote earlier about Anniversaries here...
We had a great weekend.  Mike and I had a long talk about how to make the weekend MEMORABLE, but not over the top, not losing focus on the PURPOSE for the weekend;the resurrection of Jesus Christ !

We decided the best thing to do was keep busy!  So, on Good Friday we finished watching Jesus of Nazareth, and did some more art and painting.  We also went to the art store and purchased Alli's new Life Book.  She got to pick it out with stickers that she loved, all at 50 percent off! Yea!
We went out to an economical  lunch at Taco Bueno and then headed home. She decided to sort the life book sticker box, and that took her a few hours! Then, our regular Friday Night Pizza night was taken up with Ben Hur....
On Saturday, we went and purchased hay for the goats and feed.  We talked about Easter Baskets and Easter Egg Hunts, and Miss Alli picked out her basket.  She was Soooo excited!
 We surprised the girls with a trip to see "African Cats", which, by the way, was FABULOUS!
Everybody had a great time, and the girls dressed up with French Braided Hair. :)  So cute!
We all went to bed, and then in the a.m. it was time to get ready for Church.....but not before checking out the Easter Baskets. :)  She was sooooo excited... as were the other girlies. :)
And then we were off to church, all sugared up. :)
During Church, she whispered, "Are we really going to have an egg hunt?" Yes dear, we are.... but right now, we are at worship.... LOL  She and Erika snuggled up during the sermon.
As SOON as church was over, she was ready to go. I told her, no, we need to wait a little. Her window of tolerance was definitely lowered by now.... So I told her just a few minutes so mommy can talk, and then we'll go.
She waited and wound up having fun talking with a few new friends.
When we got home, I went and hid the eggs and the girlies changed clothes. Then, I worked on dinner while Daddy went out and took pictures.   Oh My, she was like a bull getting ready for a rodeo.... as soon as the door opened she was OFF and Running!  LOL
They were entertained with finding eggs for quite some time.... and then lunch was ready.
It was a wonderful day. She had sooooo much fun, until bedtime. 
She didn't want to go to bed. But it was TIME!
I told her that to disobey, there is no option.
So we headed to the rocking chair and within, a few minutes, she had apologized and was off to bed.
I am soooo PROUD of her!
And now, I'm going to go collapse......
Happy Resurrection Day everybody! :)

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