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Monday, May 2, 2011

I Think They Can Be Declared Healthy....PLUS

The last of the fevers are gone! Yea! We made it through the weekend and even had school today!


I have to say, we have had some real strides made in the Alli -Attachment, Adjustment department. :)
After learning that it is A-OK to call on mama and daddy to care for you when you are sick, and hearing from Sarah, that parents LOVE YOU...... she has just been melting. :)

But one of the biggies that happened today had to do with free time-lunch time.  Many times, she would get out of sorts if somebody picked a black and white show, like Andy Griffith or The Beverly Hillbillies to watch.... (sometimes at lunch I let them watch an episode)  Alli would not even attempt to watch something in black and white, and would retreat to her room to pout. 
But today was very different. It was raining and too cold to go outside, AND because she was getting over the flu, I didn't want her to go out.  Sarah asked to watch an Andy Griffith episode and I said yes.
Alli instantly didn't like it.  So we looked right at each other and I said, "You do know that you do not have to watch it. You can play in your room, do an art project, sit with mama, or many other things....you are NOT required to do what Sarah does, and it is OK to do something else.  She paused..... and went straight for the art cabinet and happily pulled out an art project.
I was so proud of her! 
This afternoon after school, all 4 of them were playing spy girls. Oh my, the outfits were something else.  She quickly told daddy she was a spy so he shouldn't tell anybody where she was..... it was really cute.
He looked at me and said, "I think she likes being a kid!" LOL
I think he is right. :)


Christie M said...

spoke too soon....ugh....fever is back, but not as bad.

Unknown said...

sorry to hear everyone is not on the mend.

Just curious, in your post you mention "disrepect" is never tolerated in the house to you or the girls... when someone gets disresectful what exactly do you do?

DS is starting to yell over everything and really mean at me but not because of me over other htings but takes it out at me.. might post on FRUA too

Christie M said...

Newmom, I'm going to answer this in a post. :) Thanks.

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