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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Erika's Day

I'm telling you, I am SO PROUD of this little girl, who is now a teenager. :)  For my newer readers, Erika came to us 5 years ago from Ukraine.
After adopting Sarah, she talked alot about her best friend that she left behind in the orphanage, and how much she missed her.
We found out, from the same missionary who Erika was.
There were many things we didn't know, but our hearts KNEW Erika and Sarah belonged together.

Erika was born in the same region of Ukraine as Sarah.  She was in a left to lay room; a dying room, for her first 4 years of life. This meant she rocked back and forth, day in and day out and NEVER got out of her crib.
I still do not understand HOW, but she was transferred FROM the laying room, TO a special needs orphanage, at 4 years of age. God had His hand on her life, and one of the orphanage workers taught her to talk, walk, and eat.  She also had a series of surgeries that eventually led to the loss of her feet in the United States 5 months after she came home.

Erika is so amazing! She is smart and sweet and has an inner strength that causes me to want to do better.  We heard  that she had a condition called Arthrogryposis.  When we asked about it, the orphange director said, "Her Joint Don't Work"..... that was a bit of an understatement. LOL

When we finally got to Ukraine, and met her, we were so excited.  Her reply to meeting us: "Where have you been? I've been waiting 50 years!" LOL

She was so brave when we left.  This little girl who had never been out of a small crib, and then a tiny area of an orphanage, went on a train, a plane... she looked at the world around her with awe.  And she was determined to learn to walk all over again after her feet had to be amputated.

When the Dr. said that this would have to be done, she was rather matter of fact.... "Doctor going to cut my feet off like chicken!"  (thick Russian accent) He nearly fainted. :)

Erika is one of those kids, who, though she has been through more than you or I could imagine, seem to SHINE.

So here are a few pictures of her day:

 There's the famous chicken again, jealous of our pink egg. :)

 Love you, my girl!


Anonymous said...

Awsome stuff you got Erika!

Holly said...

Hope Erika had a great birthday! Love the pink egg hiding under the chicken!

Question, what is Erika holding in the second to last photo? At first glance I thought it was car keys, but surely not! LOL!

Christie M said...

It is a key chain. She like to put her library card on it so she doesn't lose it. :)

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