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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gardening Failure

Yep, that is my new title! I am a gardening failure!  I have wanted to plant a raised bed garden for awhile.... and it seems that time gets ahead of me, and then it is planting time, and then it is beyond planting time, and then it is just too late.... and with Sprouts, right down the street, with good prices..... UGH.... yep, I'm a gardening failure!

We had gardens 10 years ago that were envious. Loads of veges and fresh tomatoes, and fruit....
and now, weeds. 

My body has not cooperated with my mind for a few years now. If I bend over to weed, I'm stuck.... with a bad back.  If I try to pull weeds, I'm stuck with a stiff hand.....and the list goes on. UGH   Getting old is getting OLD!
I would much prefer to garden to oblivion!  But..... with weeds..... I can't keep up.

So, the raised bed garden would be a blessing, as I wouldn't have to bend over so far, AND, there were be much fewer weeds.... and then even Erika could help, as she wouldn't have to bend.   What a glorious idea! 
I think I will plan NOW, for NEXT year, and slowly get things started and built.  A little landscape timber at a time.....   And then, maybe I can  start to CAN once again!  I still have a can of pickled broccoli, but I don't want to open it.... as it is my last canned project in the cupboard. :)

I also have visions of a winter garden where we can grow some cold veges like cabbage and broccoli....  Who knows! Maybe by winter, my plan will be put into place and I can square foot garden in raised beds! :)
We'll see.  In the mean time.... Sprouts will be my favorite store.....

AND... I'm going to try shredding zucchini and using it to replace cheese on tacos.  I have been doing REALLY well on my near vegetarian diet.... once I get dairy out of my life.. it will be all vegetarian


Annie said...

I don't think I'd much enjoy zucchini in place of cheese. However, I do use shredded cabbage instead of shredded head lettuce on Mexican food. I LOVE it - it has all the crunch (maybe even more) and a lot more nutritional value.

Unknown said...

Oh I love elevated gardens! They are lovely and multifunctional. I've seen a zicchini patch with pansies around the edge, doubling as a flower bed. :) Also the edges can double as garden benches.

Muddled Muse said...

Raised garden beds sound like the perfect solution! I've been growing some romaine lettuce and it has been such a joy to go out in the evening and pick a fresh salad! Ben is planning to build me a cold frame so we can keep growing lettuce this winter.

Melissa E. said...

If I were you, I'd NEVER open a can of pickled broccoli!!!! LOL!

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