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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kathi The Friend/Social Worker

We had been very concerned about Alli's fear of social workers, so we worked out with our social worker, she would come over as a friend, and through observation and conversation, while the kids were in the other room or busy, talk about how things are going.

Our first visit went great and Alli had no idea she was a social worker.  I knew we would need to tell her eventually, as we are joined together for post placement reports for the next few years. :)
But, I didn't think Alli was ready.  WRONG!

Right before Kathi came, I was in a hurry getting things ready.  I blurted out, "Let's hurry up and finish before our social worker gets here!" 

Alli, looked at me and said, "Social worker?" 

I said, "Yes, you know Kathi.... She is our social worker and our friend! Isn't that cool!"

She nodded, and that was it! LOL

We had a really great visit.  Alli and Sarah did a beautiful ballet/modern dance for her and she brought them a few Feature Family Films dvds.... so they went off to watch "The Velvetine Rabbit" and we talked and talked and talked ....... all about all sorts of interesting things....

The girls went on for showers and baths and they somehow managed to get ERIKA into the Large 2 seater tub..... (I'm afraid to know how) LOL  It was 9:30 and I still heard giggles.  I went in and they were still in the bath...so I told them it was time for bed.
After that, there were  a few stragglers coming in for hugs and a last minute snack ..... and then it was quiet....
Except for Kathi and me. :)  Mike went back out to work on a project and the next thing we knew it was about 11:30! 
So, our post placement report is being done today..... and then we will get our finalization date. :)


Annie said...

I think I should meet her because I am afraid of social workers, too. I went to Maxim's visit with his worker on Friday and was literally sick to my stomach - despite the fact she could be my daughter. They do have the power, though.

Unknown said...

Isn't it wonderful when your SW is also your friend? Alas, we are losing our Most Wonderful Social Worker as he is marrying my sister in July.

Did you find out how she got into the tub?

Christie M said...

I know Annie. There are social workers you don't want to meet! But we have been so fortunate with Kathi. She really is a friend too.

Hevel, can your brother in law no longer be your social worker? :)

Now, How Erika got into the big bath tub..... ALLI! How they got her out I have no idea, but there was a lot of screaming and giggling going on back there. :)

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