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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Adoption Quilt

The Adoption Quilt is leaving to the Deuck's House on Monday.  We didn't get a bid on it that was 50 dollars, so we decided to get the ball rolling anyway. Erika sewed our name into the quilt, and after the Deuck's have enjoyed, it..... it will be going up for auction again, for another adoptive family of their choice. They will sew their name into it, and send it on.
We really hope it catches on and goes all over the U.S. with hopes and prayers for the newest recipient.
Can't wait to see it at the Deuck's home. :)

I think she signed it "John Hancock" style!


Anonymous said...

I love the quilt!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of the traveling quilt. :D

Annie said...

I think she did a great job, considering she couldn't use a hoop.

So, you donate $50 which goes to - is it Hope Ann? Then you get the quilt, put your family's name on and ask a donation for a family of your choice. Is that it?

Christie M said...

The idea is that somebody donates to the family that is featured by the family who HAS the quilt. (for us it was (hope anne) and then, the person who wins the bid, gets the quilt, signs it and picks ANOTHER family to support by having the auction again.
We were the first ones, and didn't get a 50 dollar bid. So I am sending the quilt to Hope Anne anyway, and then they can pick the next family.

When somebody bids and donates to that family, Hope Anne will send the quilt to the highest bidder, and THEY will pick a new family to have an auction for. Hopefully everybody will keep it going.

(since there wasn't a highest bidder in this case, I'm sending it to Hope Anne, instead of picking another family) If there are bidders, the quilt will go to the bidder and they sign it, OR they could choose to send it to the actual family that adopted so THEY can sign it.
Obviously, no rules etched in stone.:)

Annie said...

I'd bid $50 for it....but maybe I'm too late.

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