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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today was the day after we found out that Alli's adoption was finalized.  We received the adoption decree and the certified ones are on their way!
Today, was a great day!
Alli attended her first Vacation Bible School at church and Erika was a helper in her class.  She had a really great time.
After VBS, we cleaned a bit and then headed to the Lake for a swim.

On the way home, the girls were all talking about BFF, ( Best friends forever) BFFL (best friends for life) and who their friends were.
Alli said, "I used to have a best friend. I left her in Oklahoma. I can't remember her name though."  She then very matter of factly said, "I'm kind of afraid to make a new best friend, because what if I have to move."

I thought she was very insightful to recognize that she was holding back because of being afraid of the pain of losing a friend.  This really made my heart happy to know she is recognizing this.
I told her that while my childhood was not the same, I could really understand where she was coming from.
I moved A LOT as a child, and each time we moved, left a broken heart of a relationship developed and then lost. :(  It still pains me.  Moving around  like we did, was not healthy, and there was a time where I thought to myself, "Why bother", I'll just have to move again.

I shared this with Alli, and then I was able to remind her of yesterday.  You are not going ANYWHERE! If anybody moves anytime soon, it would be somebody else, not you.
She smiled..... :)

I am so proud of her. She is trying so hard, and she is really trying to communicate better.  She is realizing how much of her language deficit she really has.  We are painstakingly working on explanation and being patient to work on getting words out.

We haven't read out loud together for a few weeks, and last night during family worship, each of us read 2 verses. I didn't realize how much her reading had improved until last night. She did a great job!

Tonight, blessed my heart as each of the girlies went to bed singing songs to the Lord.  I am at peace. :)


Kelly said...

Congratulations on your adoption.

Anonymous said...

Well, amen. What else can one add? Blessings!

Annie said...

Why did you end up moving so much?

I was all caught up in family life as a child, and didn't mind being alone.... I don't have strong memories of friends, until junior high.

Christie M said...

Family dynamics are complicated. My dad was from Arkansas and was very much a country boy, living in CA at the time. My mom loved CA.
Honestly, I don't think they ever settled until I was married.
I went to so many schools I can't count them. We moved countless times, I have tried to add it up before; 2 times out of state and then right back.
I went to 3 different 6th grades. I went to 2 first grades. I went to 2 7th grades, 2 9th grades, checked out early in 10th grade because of a move... we moved in 11th grade and I didn't report it so I wouldn't have to change schools again, and in 12th grade, because we moved, I worked and sent myself to private school with some people I knew.
We moved on average every 6 months to a year, sometimes more often. The longest I remember staying anywhere was 2 years? Maybe not that long.
I would make friends, and then lose them. It was really hard. I remember my best friend in 6th grade...she was sobbing when she found out we were moving.

It is funny..... all those moves made me WANT to move when I was young...It was like a pattern...3 months, 6 months, "it's time to move". I never kept much, and never had anything in closets.

BUT NOW?? Oh boy! I couldn't imagine moving. LOL

Anonymous said...

Today Emma and Alli where talking and giggling and whispering! So I think Alli found a new friend possibly!

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