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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Martian Child! Watch It!

This movie is one of our favorites. There is so much we can identify with. :) It is based upon a true story, and in the special features of the DVD, you meet the real Martian Child, who is now a well adjusted adult. :)
Why do I love this movie so much?  For several reasons....

1. It gives parents who have difficult children HOPE
2. It is realistic in what happens to children who have been traumatized.
3. It covers MUCH of the opinions of people who do not understand adoption.
4. It shows how unconditional love can HEAL.

It is rated PG, and we DID allow our girls to see it.   If your children are struggling,  it might be too much for them. 
This is a movie I think should be a pre requisite for every parent to see BEFORE they adopt.


.:♥:. tyraelynn .:♥:. said...

Ah... I too love this movie! NOT so much the book... which is strange because usually the book is better. But I didn't like the book, it frustrated me because the book and the movie are seriously SO opposite... kinda. I think the movie is fantastic. I own it and watch it often.

- K - said...

I love this movie! It's one I pull off my shelf and watch quite often. I just made my Mom watch it for the first time a couple of weeks ago!

Unknown said...

I loved the novel, never seen the film. Most of the gay adoption communitty decided to not see it because the straightening of the father for better marketability didn't really go well with us. :)

Anyway, it's a great story!

Annie said...

You should write a review for Diana's Movie Review site. I've not seen this, perhaps I should. Have you and the girls watched The Blind Side? I watched it with our kids (with trepidation) but they loved it and surprisingly weren't triggered by the things that I thought ought to trigger them....

Diana said...

Ditto! Loved it, too. It's a pretty sanitized version of RAD, though. :-) Would you be willing to submit a review for this movie over on my blog?


Just use this URL to fill out the quick form. That's all. Easy, easy.

:)De said...

I also love that movie. I would like to see the DVD version. I amy have to rent it.

Unknown said...

I will have to watch again. It had some really great moments but like I said, it made some of the social workers not getting it. I guess the scene where the child has been stealing and the social worker wants the dad to punish or reprimand and the father unstands what he is doing.... that upset me because our social workers were or do understand this stuff and more importantly taught many families how this is common. Luckily for us we never went this path.

Bottom line I will have to re watch to look at the father/ son relationship instead of the other stuff.

Christie M said...

Newmom, this movie is based upon a book. The understanding of what to do with children 20 years ago, vs. now is VERY different.
I think things have changed ALOT!

Unknown said...

Thanks!! I didn't know that.

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