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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Duck

23 years ago, my friend bought this duck for me for my birthday.  I have loved this duck for years. It reminds me of my friend who moved to Colorado years ago.
This duck has been sitting guard on top of the water cooler all these years.
Tonight, Alli noticed that we needed water and decided she would fill the bottle. She didn't see my Duck, and it fell to the floor and lost a finger. BROKEN!

I seem to remember a few weeks ago a Pitcher that got broken thanks to Miss Erika.....

In both cases, it was an accident.  Poor Alli really felt badly.  She went to her bed to have a cry.
When I went in to see her, she was curled up with her blanket over her head.  I said,  "Alli, you are more important than things."
And, I want to tell you a story about your brothers.

This peaked her interest!
So I told her about the first time Dad and I left the house for  a date together after we had married.

"We left Chuck in charge and we were going to be gone for 45 minutes to an hour.
In that short time..... Chuck decided to entertain his brothers with his cool Ninja moves.  Now, in the same room that he planned his entertainment fest.... on the wall, were my collectible, ceramic bears. I had all sorts of them, on a neat wooden shelf.  I really liked them.

Of course Chuck, in his final move, used a large stick..... related to the BROOM, moved it cooly, jumping through the room like a TRUE NINJA , swung that stick and DECAPITATED every single one of my bears......

When dad and I got home, all 4 boys were sitting nicely on the couch. This gave us great discomfort, as this was not NORMAL..... I was so proud of Chuck.... "Mom, I have something to tell you."
As he was telling me his story, I turned to my bears and OH HOW I WISH I HAD A PICTURE..... they all had their heads sort of sat back on them, all crooked like.... and I burst out laughing....it was really pretty funny.

So, in the same way I am not happy that everything gets destroyed. I'm happy that all of my children are ok, and I'm happy you were just trying to help..... and in a few years, this will just be a funny story. :)"

And with that, she felt MUCH better, and she kissed me goodnight and went to sleep, safe and secure in our love for her.  :)
And Chuck would have had no idea that something he did  22 years ago, would help his little sister feel secure.  Thanks Chuck! You are still a great big brother. :)


Christie M said...

I probably should have dusted off her nose before posting a picture of her.:)

:)De said...

I am sorry that your duck had to sacrifice, but isn't wonderful the opportunity to let Alli know that a broken duck would not take away your love.

My 10 year has made a series of unsafe decisions in the last few days and after we talked today I pulled him into my arms to hold him. He started sobbing the most heartbreaking cry and when I asked what he was feeling, why was he crying he said, "because you want me." His last family explained that he was leaving their home because they did not "want" him. "Yes son, I have wanted you all my life!"

Sweet Alli!

Autumn said...

I think you should glue her finger on and keep her :) She's cute.

Holly said...

Oh dear. I hope Mrs. Duck had her finger (claw? flipper?) glued back on!

Unknown said...

Oh well, if you hadn't pointed out the broken finger I wouldn't have noticed on the picture. Magic glue should make her a family member for another 23 years. And what a precious story of your boys!

Annie said...

My kids are doing their best to make me MUCH less attached to THINGS.....

Christie M said...

The duck will meet gorilla glue today. :) That is one of my more favorite stories of the guys when they were little. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice story, Mrs. Minich (like always)
The duck is really cute looking!

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