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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something Is UP with the Pantry!

I am so fickle.  I go vegetarian, then just a simple thing like CAMP can turn me back into a carnivore!  I admit it! I'm a food a holic!  Maybe a Meat A Holic, or a  Sausage A Holic!
So, I'm back to getting back on my Vegetarian track...... I opened the cupboard and found this!
Now that is successful grocery shopping..... I think.... at least it will make a lot of bean burritos. :)


:)De said...

we cleaned our downstairs pantry a few months ago and found over 40 cans of tuna! I guess I was worried about not having enough because everytime there was a sale of 10 for $10 I must have bought more, forgetting that we had not used what we had. Needless to say, we ate alot of tuna that month. LOL!

Holly said...

That really is quite an impressive collection! :O

- K - said...

How do u get you make sure you get enough nutrients without meat and gluten? I am also gluten free and have the desire to go vegetarian - but it worries me a bit.

Nice bean collection!

Christie M said...

Beans are a protein, and many veges actually have protein. I do eat fish.
The gluten issue isn't a problem. I have grains, just not grains that contain gluten.
Beans and Rice make a perfect protein btw.:)

Christie M said...

40 cans of Tuna! That is so funny! I didn't realize how many cans of beans I had.... :)

Annie said...

Zhen said the other day - "Mama, I don't think you better serve beans anymore." Well, I'd thought this myself. Let's just say that when Zhen eats beans the world knows about it for a couple of days. Drat! He loves them, too.

Anonymous said...

Gee that's a lot of canned food! I think I never had all that cans in my whole life, if I store too much stuff I get anxious and I want to eat things quickly to be sure nothing goes wasted!

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