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Saturday, July 16, 2011

You Know What Happens When You Assume!

Why do we assume????  I got caught into that today.  For 4 months now.... I have asked Miss Allie to brush her hair in the morning. Many times I'll get, "Ok, in a minute" and then, it is 10:30 and hair is a tangled mess.  So, then I have to say, "Alli, I really need you to get your hair brushed! Do you need mommy to do it?"  "No mama, I'll do it!" and then she does.

Today, I said, "You have not brushed your hair."  Her response.... "You didn't tell me to."

I then said, "I didn't know I was supposed to tell you to, I just figured you knew to brush your hair first thing in the morning when you get up."
She said,  "You never told me that. I didn't know I was supposed to."

And you know what! She is correct! I didn't ever say, "Every morning when you get up, you must brush your hair before you do anything else, or before breakfast."

I ASSUMED she knew.  She didn't. So for 4 months we have had this back and forth thing going on that I couldn't figure out.

She very matter of factly said, "Well, if it is what I'm supposed to do, and you tell me to to do it, I will." LOL

So, I said, Ok, "From now on, when you get up in the a.m., before breakfast, before you do anything else, I want  you to brush your hair and make it look nice for the day."

Her response?

Ok mommy. :)

We'll see what tomorrow brings. LOL


Joy said...

I love your blog! I just found it through another blog friend of mine. We have five kids, all born in China. Our first two were adopted as infants, our third at 14 years and our last two, three months ago, at 3.5 years and 18 months. We are a therapeutic family also and we try to stick to BCLC as much as possible. I also like The Connected Child. I see that you have mentioned it on your blog... I appreciate that you share the way you do!

Christie M said...

Welcome to my blog Joy.Thanks for visiting. I wonder if you know my Friend MaryAnn Day?
She has adopted from China twice, lives in Texas and is very involved with The Connected Child.

Muddled Muse said...

It reminds me of staying at my Grandmother's house - in the morning before we went to help with breakfast, she expected us to have gone to the bathroom, brushed our hair, and gotten dressed to the shoes. Only after all that had been done could we take turns buttering the toast.

Routines are good!

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