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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Coundown Has Begun!

Yes, I cannot believe it! 7 more days until we start school.  I am working hard at getting everything ready. I think we are going to have a great year! I always think that. :)
I am really excited about this year's science.  We are going to study Human Anatomy and Physiology....There are some wonderful experiments in this book.  I can't wait to make the "edible cell" LOL.
We are also planning to read C.S. Lewis's  Space Trilogy for the first semester. We will start with "Out of the Silent Planet", then, "Paralandra" and finally "That Hideous Strength". 

We are also going to be doing "Wordly Wise" for vocabulary. I'm thrilled that I found this. All these years I have heard about it, and didn't check into it.
History this year will be U.S. History. It will include the colonists, forming of the Nation,  and go through the Westward expansion.   I LOVE history.

Some folks have asked why we start so early. The Public Schools don't start until the 22nd.  The reason is that we do best on a schedule. The girls like school, and there are times when we have unexpected Dr. appointments that interrupt our day.  We also like it that we can take off a week at Thanksgiving and Two weeks at Christmas.   AND... it is SO HOT right about this time of year, that staying inside for  a part of the day is very normal, so we may as well take advantage of the inside time. :)


Anonymous said...

Are they (Erika, Sarah, Anna, & Alli) exited?

Christie M said...

Erika: I'm excited about math, McGuffy Readers, Vocabulary....I'm actually scared of the science. I'm kind of excited about Russian.

Christie M said...

Anna says she is excited about studying Archeology.

Difference2This1 said...

I ran across your blog a few weeks ago and have re-read your post on back door method many times...I appreciate it so much as it is very pertient to our situation with my eldest and new boys. Thank you for sharing that- and so many other things.

We are homeschooling our girls (12,12,7,7) for the first time- did a staggered start that began mid-June. We just kicked off our science - the same curriculum as you are going to do. I posted our kickoff "events" last night if you are interested in taking a peek :) We had a fun time!

Blessings, Jennifer

Christie M said...

So glad you are finding helpful info.
The scariest part of homeschooling for me, was when the school bus drove by on the very first day and the boys were not on it. In fact, they were still in their pj's. LOL
Then, the silence in the neighborhood. Wow..... and then.... after that?
It was focusing in on school.
After a while, we didn't even notice the school bus driving by, or notice when the schools had days off and we didn't.
(You don't need a snow day when you don't leave the living room) I remember my Aunt Judy calling to say, "We're having a snow day in Michigan, I think you should give the boys a snow day!" LOL

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