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Friday, August 19, 2011

Erika's Appointment

We all headed out to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital to see Dr. Herring.  He is an amazing doctor.
Erika is getting older and has lots of questions about her condition, and whether she could have any surgery that would further her ability to function better.
Her words to the doctor were..... "I want to run. I want to be able to bend at the hips. I want to get off of the ground by myself when I fall. " 
My questions were, "If we were to rotate her legs so her knees were facing forwards, (they are both at the sides) would this improve her gait?" 
Mike wanted to know what benefits she would have from any surgery.
As we all talked and watched Erika walk back and forth, checking out her gait, checking out how she functions.....and especially after we all went upstairs to the Physical Therapy room to observe her in action....we all came to agreement that Erika is Erika. She is functioning well, and can now get up from the floor with the help of a chair.  This is something relatively new, and something she has HAD to learn because she is getting bigger and bigger and well, my back.....but that is another post..... :/

The Physical Therapist suggested maybe we start to work with her in getting up using a cane.  We have a cane to practice with, and Dr. Herring thought, if she can learn this skill, she could actually carry a retractable cane with her and if she were to fall while out and about when she is older, she would be able to get up on her own!  This is good news!

We have our work cut out for us, which is good. All of our questions were answered. We are so thankful that Erika can walk! She just can't bend or sit very well.  She has less than 20 percent flexibility in her hips.. 
Dr. Herring said that when hips are involved, you are either sitting or standing. Erika is standing.
The X rays on her hips tell her story.  Her right hip does not even have a ball to go into the socket. This was the hip operated on a few years ago.  There is just not enough of a joint to work with.
Her other hip is nearly fused in place.

I am so thankful for all the information and that our questions were answered today. 
Yes, Erika is Erika. She is fearfully and wonderfully made.

 We also met a facebook friend and fellow parent to a little girl who has Arthrogryposis.  She stopped by from her nearby office. It is always great to meet other parents. :)
Thanks Karen!


Unknown said...

Yay for Erika! Your girls are all amazing! (That includes the daughter-in-laws whose blogs I read, and I assume your granddaughters as well!) They are all very special ladies. You are, too!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got all your questions answered all at once. Do Hospital make Erika nervous? They make me nervous even when I'm not getting sugary!

Annie said...

That's a very pretty hospital!

Erika is Erika and she is very blessed.

Unknown said...

I came across your blog while I was researching one of my books and I thought you and your kids might like to check out my blog at http://www.kidscandoit.com/blog/
which is part educational and part inspirational. You have a beautiful blog and I'll be back!

Lydia Price said...

I wish I could have seen you and your girls. I enjoy reading your posts. We are doing well and there is nothing to do right now for our newest one. Eliana is Eliana. :)
Lydia Price

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