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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home Schooling Alli

Alli came to us at the end of our school year last year. Much of our time was spent getting to know each other, and learning to be in a family.  Her history was oral as were many of her lessons. We did a LOT of art which is very healing.

I know that she brought home some books that she could not read. She was so frustrated with how much she was struggling, and I knew she could read a little, but not well.

So, we took a break and I was planning to go in full force this year.  What I discovered in working with her over the summer is that Alli is VERY smart. She has been able to memorize key words, and guess at others. She does NOT know her vowel sounds. Now how a child can read without them, I have no idea, but she can, a little.  Or I should say, she can read well enough to be frustrated that she can't read what she would LIKE to. 
I made the decision this week to start her over.
I am going to take her back to 1st grade phonics and reading, so she can MASTER the basics and catch up.
If I don't do this now, she will continue to struggle and school with be a chore instead of a joy.  She is doing well in math. She loves to do her lessons.  And she is relieved that we are going to go back and learn what she missed.
I am so happy that she is not upset about starting over.
I explained to her that any time you move forward in learning, no matter where you are now, you get ahead. :) 
Her reply was so precious.... "Mommy, you are such a good teacher! You should teach school!" LOL

1 comment:

mommajeane said...

I have done that with all of my newly adopted kids...I start them in preschool and move them up to the grade they eventually "settle" in. Most of the time for my older kids it has been very fast and we clip thru the lower grades quickly. I feel that we don't miss any lower skills if we teach this way....So far so good.You are so in touch with each of your kids and the beauty of hschooling is being able to do just this and not have them feel bad for it...but safe and in an accepting environment like home. I hear of so many older kids adopted being put right into public/private schools and they really do struggle.

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