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Monday, August 1, 2011


Anna is a really great reader.  Tonight, she checked out some books that will stretch her appetite, from the Classics section. She has read all the classics we have, but they are "dumbed down" abit, for lower grade level reading.
I have suggested she start reading the original versions. 
Tonight she picked a play from Shakesphere. She also got a book of Historical Fiction, that really isn't a classic but looked interesting. 
She started to read the fiction tonight and said, "I don't know if I'm going to like this one...it seems sort of boring." 

Alli chimed in and said, "Well of course it is boring! It doesn't have any pictures!  LOL


Amy said...

She should read the orginal Elsie Dinsmore books (not the newer versions)great history, great Christian stories!!

Unknown said...

Uh-oh, is she ready for Shakespeare languagewise? Noa and Patrik are now really enjoying the Lambs' Shakespeare tales.

Christie M said...

We have read the originals out loud before... (not all)

I really think she is ready. Nobody else is. I have not heard of the Lambs' Shakespheare tales. I'll have to look them up.
I talked with my son last night and he suggested her reading some Steinbeck..."The Grapes of Wrath", "Of mice and Men"....honestly the older books are scarey for me in "theme"....rough in some areas.
She isn't in Kindergarten anymore and I know that, but sometimes I feel like in reading....there is a new understanding that the world is not a healthy place. With guidance, this can be good. I would not want her to just be turned loose in reading whatever, without direction.
Although I know as she turns into a young lady, she will have more access... Hopefully we are training her mind to discern good literature from junk, and to find that even what is considered great literature, can be rather immoral. I'm thinking specifically of Shakesphere. (I cannot let her read just anything of his, he is rather vulgar)
But, Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet and the 3 I have in mind....Romeo and Juliet....
We'll see. :)

Unknown said...

Romeo and Juliet is 16th century porn. And don't think kids don't catch that Juliet's nurse was only 12 when she nursed Juliet. Seriously, I wouldn't let young kids read it! The Tempest was something 12-year-old loved.

I think it's Charles and Mary Lamb "Shakespeare Tales".

Christie M said...

Thanks Hevel.... YIKES! I never read it myself.... so I am treading into waters I have not visited. I did read The Merchant of Venice.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE SHAKESPEARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What play is she going to read?

Amy said...

You may want to try Shakespeare graphic novels...very cool!

Muddled Muse said...

I'm having a hard time thinking of any Shakespeare that doesn't have a glossing of wine, women, and song...even Much Ado About Nothing has the little racy bit between the fake Hero and the henchman.

12th night was always one of my favorites because the heroine was dressed up as a boy most of the time...and I was rather tom-boyish in my preteens. Anna might enjoy it.

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