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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reclaiming Territory

We did this for several reasons. Mainly, so she would be comfortable and get to know all of her sisters well.  We wanted to see how each of them would relate to each other.  We also did not know Alli at all, and wanted to make sure that everybody was safe, just in case.  So she has been home more than 5 months, and all is well.  Mike and I have missed our old room, and we figured it was time to split the party girls up. :)
 For 3 days, the GIRLS and I moved the furniture around and pared everything down....what a JOB!
Mike, because he was working in the shoppe didn't have much time to help.  But when we couldn't get a screw in, or were beyond our capability....he came in and did what dad's  and husbands do. He made it look EASY! :)
 Here is Anna and Erika in their new room. Anna wasted no time putting up her pictures. :)
And here is Sarah and Alli in their new room.  They did "rock-paper-scissors" to settle who sleeps on top and who sleeps on the bottom..... but Alli had a sleep over last night, and they both slept on the bottom. LOL

And as for me..... I will have fewer bruises! Our room is big enough not to run into the sharp corners on that bed! Ouch!


Erika M. said...

Your out of Hotel 6.

Erika M.

Annie said...

How did you decide who roomed with whom?

Christie M said...

We put the two younger ones together and the two older ones together. Sarah and Alli still play with toys and dolls. Erika and Anna not so much anymore.
It is working out really well!
Of course, they are having sleep overs. LOL

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