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Friday, August 26, 2011

Science Project

This week and last week we were studying cells. We learned all about the different parts of the cell, including the Nucleus, Cytoplasm, DNA, ER, pores, cell wall, mitochondria, lysosomes, golgi bodies, centrioles, RNA, ribosomes, etc......
It was really FUN... 2 girls earned 5.00 for being able to say, "deoxyribonucleic acid" correctly on demand, and to know it's function. :)
We had a day full of laughter talking about how the DNA is the encyclopedia of the cell which will later determine many things about us inherited from our parent's DNA.  The girls were hilarious "guessing" what some of those things were. :)
Of course the funniest one was the suggestion that Sarah has a hyperactive uncle bouncing around Ukraine somewhere smiling at everybody. LOL (you would have had to have been there)

So, for our experiment: We made our own disgusting edible cells. :)
 We started last night with making Jello and putting it into 4 different bowls.

 Something happened to Erika's cell when we were turning it over. It sort of fell apart.
Anna said there was something wrong with it's DNA. LOL
All in all..... it was a very good science week. :)


Anonymous said...

Did you get to eat the jello, y'all? (I cant even read that big word!)

Annie said...

Science was definitely NOT my homeschooling "thing" - I am perfectly happy to remain in ignorance of it all, simply declaring it to be "God's mystery!" So, I hired it out. My favorite project that Lydia did with her science teacher was hatching eggs - of course you get that joy all the time, I guess, but for me it was really huge. I got more out of it than Lydia did. Well - not the science part - but the "How Great is our God!" part!

Difference2This1 said...

My girls loved seeing these photos!! They sent your girls a message..it's on my blog tonight :)

Blessings, Jennifer

Difference2This1 said...

Aaww..too bad they didn't like their hot wings!! Funny video though :) I guess the Frank in "Frank's Hot Sauce" shouldn't depend on your family to keep them in business!!! LOL!

Blessings, Jennifer

schnitzelbank said...

I remember making these in 7th grade science! I promptly forgot about my project and left it in my locker for a week, until there were ants crawling all over my "DNA." The janitor was nonplussed.

Bridget said...

We studied this last year at my school, we (me and my school buddies, oh! By the way, I'm in 8th grade now, age 13), We came up with "Lysol-Soap" for lysosomes... But! We now remember the funtion pretty well! lol

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