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Friday, September 23, 2011

Benjamin Netnayahu

I don't like to get political on my blog, but honestly, I thought Prime Minister Netnayahu was fantastic. He gave a riveting speech at the U.N. today.   He reminded me of Golda Meier...The First Prime Minister of The State of Israel.


Unknown said...

I'm glad you like him. I think he is as incompetent as they come, laying down to the ultras and continously making mistake after mistake. Golda Meir was a secular, reasonable person, Bibi is... endangering our country. For sure, I didn't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

As someone who too lives in the holy land, I'm with you Hevel. Netanyahu is a moron. And his speech was outrageous.

Christie M said...

What would you two suggest is the answer to all the struggle? From what I see here, it seems that the Middle East is about to become a lit powder keg. The Arab Countries that have been overthrown are being taken over by extremists who do not believe Israel should even be on the map.
I didn't see what he said as wrong. I don't think Israel is perfect.... but truly, they do need to defend themselves. They are a Sovereign nation.
The West (England and America) are the ones who really screwed things up over there, beginning in World War 1.

Unknown said...

I'd recommend, among many other things, reading this op-ed by Tzipi Livni:


Christie M said...

Ok, I read it. I don't get it. She seems to be running for office, like she has the answers, but offers nothing. It seemed like a rant.

If she is concerned about Israel losing friends, she needs to look at Militant Islam taking over..... There is nothing Netanayhu can do about that.
What is he supposed to do?

Unknown said...

First: resign. Step down. Get away from politics and power, as far away as possible. Bibi cost us diplomatic relations, support from the rest of the world and you know what, Tzipi was my choice.
Bibi is really not doing anything but giving speeches, but when it comes to actually doing something... His adamant opposition of slowing down West Bank settlement and also his reluctance to negotiate with Palestinians... there are so many things he is doing wrong internationally, and then there is the whole handling of the social situation, the current protests, the foreign workers' children, the Gaza flotilla (and the PR nightmare afterwards he just made way way worse)... He should just leave, so someone more competent and credible should take his place.

Also, Livni beat him in the elections, the trouble was... forming a coalition. I still wish she had been successful.

Anonymous said...

Well there must be some logical reason as to why they don't think Israel shouldn't be on the map. No? Understand, everybody (extremists aside), is well aware that Israel exists. It's here and its people are here. There needs to be a solution that works for ALL people in this region. Wether or not Israel should be here or shouldn't is NOT in question. They're here. They have a culture. A community. A nation. But so do the Palestinians. They're here. They have a culture. All 2.5 million of them in the West Bank.

Yes, the West screwed things up. Royally. It doesn't mean that things shouldn't be tried to be fixed.

I suggest you make it out here to the holy land so you can truly understand the situation. Militant Islam? How are you going to generalize like that? I mean really, we could point out flaws in each and every religion, no? It's so interesting hearing people point out certain groups and leave out others who have done equally if not more atrocious things. Let us not forget about the Nazis. Christians I believe they were- mainly Protestants and Catholics. Surely you know about the Westboro Baptist Church. I won't even get into those crazies! lol!

I take it you don't have Muslim friends? I wonder how they would appreciate the generalization.

Living here, I have spoken to many Jewish AND Christian Palestinians and Israelis who just want peace. As Hevel said, Netanyahu has adamantly opposed slowing down West Bank settlements and has been reluctant to negotiate with Palestinians. He is not interested in even finding peace. PEACE! In the holy land! Where Jesus was born! Where he walked! This is plain not right.

Anyway, enough ranting :) thanks for allowing for some dialogue on your blog. and your girlies are so sweet!

Christie M said...

Superfan, actually I do have a Muslim friend. :) I know several Muslim aquaintences.

What I hear about here are all the missiles being lobbed over into Israel. I watched as the Palestenians rejoiced and threw candy on the day of 9-11.
I do know Christians who have lived in the West Bank and agree that things are hopeless and bad. They did not have good thoughts towards the Israelis.
Honestly, I do not know the answer.
AS far as Westboro?? They are a bunch of nuts and are not Christian remotely. They do not believe what scripture says.
Hitler Christian? NO. Hitler was actually into the Occult.
I would imagine you would possibly say that those who bomb buildings are not Muslim either.
The thing is: I have actually read much in the Koran, I have a big fat one, with translation in my living room, because I WANT to be informed.
And it seems that those guys were following some of the scriptures that were the most recent, which are supposed to supercede old more peaceful ones.
There is a large Mosque in our area. On 9-11 we offered to take the women to the store if they were afraid of retribution, but we were refused. We did meet with some of these women over about a years time.

This is interesting, A Christian, A Jew and a Muslim talking on a family blog. LOL :)

I see you are from Palestine. What are your suggestions for peace.
When I said Israel is not recognized, I was speaking about Egyptian Airlines does not even have Israel on their maps. They no longer recognize them as a nation.

Another question I have: Why do they call the territories Refugee camps, when they have huge buildings, an airport etc?

Anonymous said...

Many Arab nations do not recognize Israel as a nation. Many many nations do not recognize Palestine either.

The territories are called the West Bank and Gaza. Within these territories lie many refugee camps with millions of refugees. These camps were temporary- literally camps with a tent per family. But the situation became much more permanent and UNWRA (UN Reliefs and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) gave them cement to build houses. Google a picture of Balata refugee camp. It is a mess. With over 20,000 refugees living in .25 square kms. These camps most certainly don't have huge fancy buildings. People live on top on each other. Alleyways are dark and narrow- never wider than your arm span.

You may find big buildings in more developed cities like Ramallah or Bethlehem. I hope you get the chance to come here and experience a Bethlehem walk-through checkpoint. Very un-nerving after you've just visited and payed respects to the birthplace of Jesus Christ (which is magical by the way!).

What airport are you talking about? Palestinians can hardly leave the West Bank, if not their own cities at time. So I just don't follow.

Woah. Long reply. Anyway, I work with kids and women in a non-political and non-religious setting. Meaning we simply DO NOT talk politics or religion whatsoever. Nobody knows if our international staff members are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. But the occupation is a fact of life. Just the other night, I couldn't come home because the checkpoints were closed. My hour drive home took 3.5 hours. Freedom of mobility is a basic human right. So what gives?


Anonymous said...

Heh! It is pretty funny! Thanks for allowing it by the way. A bit about me: I'm an American female living in Palestine, working with refugee women and children. I see some pretty disturbing things here. As a Muslim, albeit, not a strict one by ANY means, I am constantly embarrassed by what I see here. Sometimes women are oppressed. But to attribute it all to Islam alone, is absurd. You have to understand the context of the situation. These women are refugees. Their families come from cities like Haifa and Jaffa in Israel but are now living in camps elsewhere, with their children. These women had nothing to cling on to, nothing that was permanent. Except their religion. So sometimes they take things to the extreme. Wearing hijabs (which is NOWHERE in the Koran), not drinking, etc. Sometimes, worse. Of course, I cannot speak for all Muslims in the world. Or even certain populations I know nothing about.

Of course you only hear about that perspective in the news. Read Haaretz. You see a clip or read an article about Palestinians celebrating about 9-11 and throwing candy in the air. Did some do it? Sure. I don't doubt it. Is it wrong? Absolutely atrocious. Does that one clip honestly represent all Palestinians? No. But really, when have we ever known the news to be unbiased. Especially in the US. We don't even need to get into the tax money we're pouring into Israel by the BOATLOADS.

Of course the Westboros are crazies. I didn't say Hitler was a Christian. But the majority of Nazi Germany identified themselves as such.

Muslims bomb buildings. So do Jews. So do Christians. So do atheists. Why do we only hear about the Muslims? While it's true that the radical ones have been doing the most damage lately, again, we must consider the situation. After 9-11, the crackdown on Muslims came hard. People became afraid of them. As an awkward and confused teenager during the time, I was ashamed because of the way people made me feel when they said the word "Mulsim" or "Islam". As if it were dirty.

(part 1 of my response LOL)

Tala said...

That's very kind of you for offering those women a safe ride to the store. But in their eyes, they may see it as taking pity on them and their situation. Which may have hurt or bruised their pride. Sort of like, they had nothing to do with 9-11 so why be afraid of going out grocery shopping on the anniversary. But I do really think the offer is commendable!

So as I said, I'm not Palestinian nor am I from Palestine. I'm American through and through. I don't know if I have a suggestion for peace. But I do think that steps need to seriously be made. This includes ceasing the building of settlements in what was supposed to be the Palestinian territory of the West Bank. The only real reason I commented in the first place was to point out that Netanyahu is not a man who is taking steps towards this peace.

(this is my response part 2. The first one I posted is part 3 LOL!!)

Christie M said...

Tina, I will look that up! :) My mom in law used to live in Israel. She worked with an organization called "BRIDGES FOR PEACE"... it too had staff of all different groups. Our son went to Israel to visit her one summer right before the Infintada broke out in 1998 or 99.
He was there in 1993. (stayed in Old Jerusalem near the green line.)

My mother in law is now 92 and back in America.

I have read many books on the region. I also know of a Christian Pastor in Bethlehem who is of Palestenian descent. He talked about the difficulties of the check points. I do not understand it all.
I do believe there are many hardships.... and I do believe a state is a good thing. Our friend is from Jenen? He is going back soon. He has been here for years and remembers the 6 day war. His family lost their home at that time.

I truly hope there is a chance, a REAL chance for a peaceful solution and that TRUE peace is made soon.

Anonymous said...

Just so there's no confusion by the way, I'm both Tina and Tala. SUPER long story lol

Me too, I only hope for true peace :)

Have you heard of Taybeh peace lamps? They distribute them to different churches all throughout the world. http://www.taybeh.info/en/lampedelapaix.php#lampes

Christie M said...

LOL.... quite the conversation! :)
So what state are you originally from?
I do try to see news from other perspectives as much as possible. The internet is great and makes it possible too.
A REAL eyeopener was living in Ukraine for 5 weeks and seeing the news from their perspective. That was during the Bush administration. A man approached us and said, "You are American, I can tell by your 747's!" He meant our Levis. LOL He said, "LOVE AMERICA, don't like Bush!"

Having an international mindset is hard when you don't get all of the the information in a non slanted manner, but I guess that is true no matter where you live. SO looking at things from all sides is interesting.

Books I've read:
A Peace to End All Peace
From Time Immemorial
Those are two specific books dealing with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

I've read a lot more..... but those are both excellent books. The last one is out of print.

Anonymous said...

I was born in TX and spent some of my early childhood there. But I'm from MD. But now I'm living oversees obviously.

Right. And we can never pretend to be experts on everything. We can only learn as much as we can from all perspectives!

I haven't read either of those books. But you've got me intrigued! I would love to look into them but they're nearly impossible to access here. I'll have to wait until I get home for Christmas. I'll keep you updated about Christmas in Bethlehem! It's going to be exciting!

Thanks again for allowing this sort of dialogue on your blog! Obviously it's not a political blog whatsoever. And I've only found your blog because we both share a passion for orphans! :)

Christie M said...

Ha! I was wondering how you found my blog. :) Texas is a big place! At some time, everybody is from Texas. LOL We have a son and daughter in law in MD.

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