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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Funnies In September

Erika to Anna:
Wouldn't you like to own a German Shepherd?
Anna to Erika:
Erika, owning a person is ILLEGAL!

Anna and I were on a drive and she was talking about a musician's hair.... She described it as "Ancient..... Soooo  20th century!" 
I had to laugh at that one. :)

Sarah's leg is sore from jumping on a trampoline it was all read and not getting better.
We went to see the prosthetist today.
He said, "So you jumped on a trampoline with your leg on?
She said, "Ummm. How ELSE am I supposed to jump????"  LOL

Alli and I were role playing.  I was pretending to be her and she as me.
She even put her glasses on the end of her nose and said, "Look at me!" :)

SO I was pretending I wanted dessert before eating my dinner. I was really putting on a show and she said, "Look at me!"  "Ok, you can have dessert sweetie!"
I had to stop my acting and say, "ALLI! That is NOT a good mommy idea!" and she started laughing hysterically!
(you would have had to have been there) :)


schnitzelbank said...

I have a funny, too. I teach ESL and today when I asked, "Does anyone have any questions?" one student said, "I am a Russian!" She thought I had asked, "Is anyone here a Russian?" We had a good laugh at language mistakes. I shared a few of mine that I made, when I was first living in Germany, too. I had a few doozies.

Milena said...

That is totally adorable! We had a few funnies here this summer with our little Russians, with words being rather similar but with different meanings, such as salt, sylt (jam) and sill (herring)......

Holly said...

LOL at the German Shepard, and Alli's impression of you!
Isn't it funny how children pick up on your mannerisms and sayings without you realising it!?

Annie said...

No; that was totally cute, even not being there.

Reading the above comment made me think of our priest who was in Germany and, having a little German, thought he was going to be able to order some large rolls at the bakery. He was stunned when the clerk huffed away mad. Later another priest (rolling on the floor, undoubtedly) told him that he had asked her for some "big breasts"!

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