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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I played banjo when I was younger. When I was 19, my banjo was stolen in a robbery. I got it back the next year, and then it got broken.  Life had its twists and turns and I never replaced it. 
I started feeling like I wanted to play it again.....35 years later. LOL
So, I looked on EBAY and found this lonely old banjo that somebody had purchased from a Pawn Shoppe and had sitting in their closet the last few years.  I bid on it. CHEAP.... and I was the only bidder.
So..... my Banjo arrived today!!!!
 Oh the Anticipation!


And there it is, in all its oldness! :)

I took it to Guitar Center and had it restrung... he said the head is in good shape and I didn't even need a new bridge. :)
So, with new strings and a new pick, Erika and I headed home.....
So here I am.... ready to try:
And here is my try:  I have a LOT of catching up to do!

And somehow..... I think I am going to have dueling banjos here soon....... :)


schnitzelbank said...

OK, I know we don't know each other IRL, or all that well in bloggy life, but can I just say that I ***LOVE**** the fact that you play banjo. This just makes you all the much cooler.

Holly said...

Awesome! Reminds me of of trying to learn how to play the guitar at college last year. Oh man was it more difficult than I thought it would be! Have fun with your new toy! :)

JJ said...

Awe! So glad you now have a banjo to enjoy. How blessed Erika is to have such a talented Mama! I agree that Erika will be playing, too before long. What a gal! :D

:)De said...

How were you able to get your banjo back after it being gone for a year?

Christie M said...

The case had some distinct stickers on it. A police officer raided a pawn shoppe and found it. The stickers gave it away and he brought it to my house. :)

Unknown said...

Are you going to play it on the porch in a rocking chair? If you are, I must visit you some day!

Christie M said...

We have a swing, and I played it yesterday out on the porch. It was REALLY relaxing and enjoyable. :)

Anonymous said...

Is it a good banjo? Did the other bidders think there was something wrong with it so there for they dint want it?

Christie M said...

It is a really good banjo! I guess the Lord just wanted me to have it! :)

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