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Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Saw Dolphin Tale

 (sometime we need to get a picture with all of us at the same time) :)
We went to see Dolphin Tale at the theater today. :)  I mentioned the movie was coming out in  a post here.
I have to say, we REALLY enjoyed the movie. The theater was the largest one, and it was nearly sold out. It was full all the way to the front.  I am really happy that Hollywood made a decent family movie with a good message!
It was the message of "NEVER GIVE UP!" At the end of the movie there was a bit of film showing all kinds of people with various disabilities and amputations visiting Winter the Dolphin. It was really touching.
If you haven't gone to see it, I highly recommend it. 

waiting for the movie to start. :)

You can see Winter and Clearwater Aquarium here.

And now: a Special Review for kids with Trauma backgrounds:

The main Character in the movie is a little boy named Sawyer.  He is adorable, but his father had abandoned the family. His Uncle was going off to war and he was very sad.  The dolphin came into his life at just the right time, and his spirits were raised.
His Uncle came back from war, injured. He didn't have missing limbs, but had to wear a brace and couldn't walk at first.  He was more emotionally damaged than physically damaged, and Sawyers first visit with him was not good. He asked him to leave.  Sawyer very quickly said, "Your accident effects more people than JUST YOU!"  And it was done very well.
What is GOOD, is that his uncle wheels out to catch him and says that it wasn't Sawyer..... he just wasn't ready to see anybody yet.
Eventually Sawyer and his uncle are back to normal, or their new normal, and Sawyer give a public speech where he looks at his uncle and says, "Family is FOREVER!"  You don't give up on your family.
The other possible issue is Hazel's mother has died. She lives with her dad.  All of this is handled very tastefully.
I think, that because of these statements, a child with Trauma can get through this movie with a new understanding. But that is a personal decision. We all know our kids best.  Alli handled it really well.

I think the other great thing this movie has done is make an unitentional plug for amputees across America.  There was a little girl IN the movie who was missing a leg.  It also called attention to the FABULOUS job our prosthetists do for us, and the complications of fitting a limb.  The sock incidents were humorous to me, because we have had many of those.  :)  Also, the dolphin's reaction to the first prosthetic, reminded me of our son Tim, when he got his first braces.  He was MAD! He didn't want them and refused them......  Once they were fitted correctly and he became more confident, he was fine with them. :)

SO, would this movie be good for a kid with a trauma background. I think yes.


Holly said...

Looks very cool! I don't think it's out over here yet though. :(

By the way, hopefully my postcard will be arriving in your mailbox in the not too distant future, since I posted it about a week ago and it's supposed to be coming airmail. :)

Joy said...

We saw the first showing on Friday, and I cannot say how much I enjoyed it. I cried through just about the whole thing ;) It was amazing, though. I enjoyed it so much. New favorite movie!! Also, loved the fact that both Hazel and the actress, Cozi someone, are homeschooled. (I think I might have read somewhere that Nathan Gamble--Sawyer--is too? I'm not sure.)

Christie M said...

Yes Joy, you are correct. Both of the children are home educated.
I was a little caught off guard at the end, seeing all the people visiting the dolphin and I cried a little bit too. :)

Anonymous said...

Was it good?

Unknown said...

Prior to stumbling across your blog, I'd heard about this movie from so many folks that I said "If I hear about it ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to puke on the next person I come across!"

Don't cringe, I ain't about to hurl your way...

I wanted to say thanks for an overview of the movie I'd never heard before: from the standpoint of an amputee.

When I read your blog where it quotes the movie "Your accident effects more people than JUST YOU!", it was as though I'd been struck between the eyes by Muhammad Ali himself! If I had a nickel for every time I'd heard those exact words from my wife or one of our 7 kids, I'd be able to fill up the 40 gallon tank of our Chevy Suburban.

I lost my leg back in 1998 following an accident with a .12 gauge shotgun. They amputated below the knee. 4 months following surgery, I was back at work as a Paramedic, not really viewing myself as being handicapped, limited, etc.. it honestly was not that big of a deal.

In March of 2002, I was again wheeled into the O.R. due to complications from the original injury, and emerged minus the remainder of my leg up to the mid-thigh level. I soon learned an entire new meaning behind "limited", "disabled", "handicapped" - they didn't just take away my invaluable knee, they took much more than that, and I was hopping mad, no pun intended.

I fought back by going against the grain - not taking 'no' for an answer. Then, I got this Einstein idea to hike the entirety of the 2,180-mile Appalachian Trail.

"You're insane Scotty", my wife would tell me. "They didn't just take your leg away from you, they took your common sense too!"

It didn't take long for me to think that I'd bitten off way more than I was capable of chewing. Yet, I'd made a commitment that I was going to do this regardless the cost - so I stuck with it.

Most hikers (able-bodied) complete the trail in 6 months or less - It took me 13 months. I learned a lot from it, gained views from that experience that can be applied to quite literally every area of your life whether it's relationships, personal struggles, spiritual struggles, etc. I'm glad I did it - yet and still, I would not do it again!

So, I think I'm going to go see this movie I first thought was "Just another stupid kids movie" (After 5 sons and 2 daughters, I'll gag on a maggot before I'll watch Barney, Blues Clues, or any Disney movie ever again)and hope that God has even more for me to learn.

(I was lead to your website while chasing a different internet rabbit trail. Very interesting reading, especially where Michael Pearl is concerned. I personally do not subscribe to his mindset, but the vast majority of my Christian family here in East Tennessee do. I have far too many thoughts and opinions about the subject to get into right now, but would love to share them with you at some point. At any rate, God's best to you and your family.)

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