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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Know Two Little Girls...

who won't be climbing onto the roof anymore!
Yes, they climbed the front tree and onto the roof to "sit and talk".... The tree is SCARY enough!
I didn't seem to get a satisfactory answer as to why they decided to go up there, after being told no the other day.....
They said, "We didn't know you meant today, just the other day..." Ummm. No.
Since I have to work in the office and daddy is in the shoppe and they looked so sad that they couldn't climb onto the roof, we decided to let them help us.
Daddy is so sweet. He is having Alli help him organize his tools while he works on a car, and talking to her the whole time about obeying.
Sarah is helping sweep things with me, and we are having the same conversation. :)

I can't believe we have a SECOND batch of KIDS that climb ROOFS!
I NEVER climbed a roof when I was a kid.  UGH
However, Mike DID! He remembers doing it with his brother.
The boys climbed the school roof and then thanked God at family prayer time that they made it up on the roof and back down safely!  That was an interesting prayer. Everybody's eyes were opened for the rest of that one. LOL
And I know another person who climbed onto a roof with HIS brother, and it resulted in 2 broken
His brother told him if he just stepped down on the garage door, it would lower him down slowly and he could pretend to fly. They had capes.  He did.... and the door slammed shut and he fell to the ground.


Julia said...

I DID!!! I CLIMBED UP ON OUR SECOND STORY ROOF ALL THE TIME!! I was nuts!! I can't believe I used to do that. My dad got so mad at me but it was such a joy to sit up there. I used to climb up and sit for hours and hours!! Craziness. Now I freak out when my kids are on anything that doesn't have a rail. I literally have panic attacks that they will fall (Rob builds houses when the housing market isn't belly up)!!

JJ said...

I was a good girl. I NEVER climbed up on our roof. :) (The roof of the church at the end of the street and the neighbor's doesn't count...RIGHT???)

Christie M said...

You guys are too funny!

Holly said...

Yikes! I don't think I ever climbed onto the roof of my house as a child, but I do remember climbing onto the roof of our wood shed a couple of times.

The friend I was with would always jump off, but I was too scared and would have to climb down again, even though it was only about 2.5 metres off the ground.

The prayer time announcement that Mike and his brother had been on the roof made me laugh! How funny!

Unknown said...

Where else to hide than on the roof? My brothers and I used to hang out on the roof, too! It's an awesome place.

Annie said...

All the kids from Ivanovo agree that OF COURSE you climb on roofs! And the best winter fun is to slide off of them into snow drifts. After so many years of roof climbing, I have just let them go at it, with no issues so far. Of course they'd done quite a bit of it at our house before I found out....and at that point, I just figured why not.

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