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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seasonal Felony

I took Alli and Erika with me to Sam's Club today.  When we walked in, I was surprised to see this!
When we got home, I showed the picture to Sarah and said, "Can you believe they already have Christmas trees in the stores!!!!
Sarah said, "What kind of a person would buy Christmas stuff now?"
I said, "I can't imagine!"
And then I sheepishly said,  "Can you please put these in my room?"
You should have seen the look on her face! LOL


Anonymous said...

That sounded pretty funny! I wished I had seen Sarah's face!

Well, actually I thought they put Christmas stuff there all year long. Or at least it was tucked in a corner. And then Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff all year long.

Mary grace

Diana said...

I took a similar, but even more elaborate photo in a store here about 3 weeks ago. The only consolation was they had about 6 isles of Christmas and 2 of Halloween and those awful things were shoved back in a corner. With that in mind...bring on Christmas!

Anonymous said...

THAT IS A CRIME! Like the new blog background :)

Unknown said...

I think they should never take down any holiday stuff any more. Now that Christmas displays are up in the summer, why remove them at all?

Holly said...

Ahahaha well at least we all now know exactly "what kind of person would buy Christmas stuff now"!!

I've seen a bit of Christams stuff in shops already here too, although I don't think I've seen trees. Yet. :P

Anonymous said...

This year in Strasbourg I saw a gorgeous shop stuffed with traditional Christmas ornaments. I got myself a nativity set, a garland and some minor stuff (ribbons, tree ornaments, ecc.). I think it was August actually...

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard about german Christmas market
we will have a preview in my town in two weeks? Anyone wants to come?

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