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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anna and Mazey

This is one happy little girl.  Our dog saga began back in march. We brought home 2 dogs from the pound. They were not puppies, and had MANY problems, including eating our chickens, biting us and running away. 
We have been dogless for a few months.  Anna has always wanted a dog, but we didn't get the right dog.
She made the decision to send the last dog back in hopes he could find a more suitable home.... aka- a man with no other animals or children who could spend endless hours with him.

After this, we pondered if we were really a dog family.  I have raised dogs before and trained them well. Those last two really did me in and I was scared to even try again.
But a few weeks ago, Anna started praying for the "right" dog.  She was sincere in her prayer.  She came to me and said, "Mama, I'm not going to look for a dog, I'm going to wait for it to come to me."
I was thinking about a puppy that we could train from day one.

About a week later, Anna went for a bike ride and there was a dog off in the back area at the edge of town, all alone. She actually followed Anna home.  Of course Anna said, 'This is the one!" 

Daddy told her to take the dog back, it was most likely lost, because it looked well fed, but had no collar.
Every day, she goes for a walk or bike ride to the same area.  Every day that dog was still there.  She was having to leave really fast and distract the dog so it wouldn't follow her home.
And then, one day a neighbor who lived nearby asked her, "Is that your dog? It has been hanging around here for a while."  A few days later she saw the dog at another persons house and the lady there asked her if the dog was hers, because the dog came running to her.  She told the lady no, but she has seen her before.  The lady said that she had never seen her before.

So, Anna asked daddy, "If she doesn't belong to anybody can I keep her. She CHOSE me!" 
After a few conversations and Anna's PATIENT waiting... Daddy told her today, if she is still around when you go for your walk, you may bring her home.  She was so excited.  I figure 3 weeks has gone by and she must have been dumped. We live in a dog dumping area.  People always think if they dump a dog, somebody will take it in. :( 

In this case, we decided to take her in. She is a very nice dog. She is an adult dog, not a puppy, and is very gentle. She showed herself to be good with the chickens and the goats. 
Since we lost a goat the other day to coyotes, it might be good to have a dog in the yard to bark if they try to get them.
Anna's faith was boosted today.  God answered her prayers once again and Mazey will be an excellent farm hand. :)


Holly said...

Cute story! :)
We live adjacent to a disused quarry/reserve/walkway area which is also a kitten/cat dumping area. :( SOOO sad. I have no idea how many kittens and cats we've caught, or tried to catch to get the SPCA to come to get them. :(

Joy and Geoff said...

This is so touching and beautiful...

mommajeane said...

Oh I love stories like this...We are dog people :) She looks like she is an Australian Shepherd ( Aussie)...very obedient dogs and they love to herd. We had 2 Aussies from a rescue situation and our Willie was one of them..He looks like the mom a yellow lab but the dad was a full Aussie. Our Levi who we had to put down a few yrs ago was the litter mate of Willie- brindle colored like yours.

JJ said...

YAY! SO happy for Anna...and Mazey!

Muddled Muse said...

Mazey looks beautiful! (And very, very happy.)

Unknown said...

My kids keep pointing out that dog spelled backwards is god... and god has a hand in bringing dogs to families... or families to dogs.

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