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Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Is Adoption Awareness Month

I am actually glad there is an awareness month for adoption.  There seems to be an awareness week, day or month for everything else, some things important, some not so important.  2 weeks ago was International Coffee Day. :)

I don't know about other states in the U.S. , but Texas seems to be making houses BIGGER AND BIGGER, but the size of the average family is smaller and smaller!  Who needs a 6 bedroom home if you have 1 or 2 children? 

It would be so awesome if we considered the Adoption of children as the rule and not the exception. :)
There would no longer be orphans. 
Many times it is because we are just not aware. But once you become aware, your heart is forever burdened.
3 years ago this month, Mike and I traveled back to Ukraine for a missions trip.  We spent 2 weeks visiting orphanages, the TB Sanitarium, an Elderly facility, and a hostel for girls who had aged out.
My heart is still burdened.
 This picture is at the girls' orphanage.  The little boy sitting with the worker burst into tears when  he saw the pictures of Erika and Sarah. He remembered them.  He touched the pictures carefully and looked through them.  He was such a sweetheart of a child. I wonder if he was thinking, "What about me? When will somebody come and get me?"
The little boy in the dark blue reminded me so much of our Tim. His name was Igor. He has Spastic Diplegia, just like Tim, and looked a lot like him at that age.  He tried to grab my glasses and wanted to break them. He was angry.  Rightfully so.  I held him for a little while. He knew I would not be taking him home. :(
And this group of children were at a different orphanage. I was sitting next to this young lady and listening to Mike talk. :)    She was a sweet heart.  She was about 12 years old... the age my girls are today.  Next year, she will be on the streets. :(

I wouldn't want my children on the streets. You wouldn't want your children on the streets. Yet, many of us turn our heads at the horrible issue that is reality for 99% of orphans.  Being adopted is close to winning the lottery.  When we were done speaking, 1/2 dozen girls came running up to us asking if we could adopt them. They wanted to come to the U.S.  They wanted parents before they were going to be turned out onto the streets.

Tonight, as you hug your child, as you watch your teen head to their room, please think about the child who has no room. 
Do you have any room in your heart or home for one of these?


Holly said...

In a word, yes.
The desire to be part of a multi-generational adoptive family has always been within me, although my adoption circumstances are A LOT different to these childrens'.
I definitely want to, although at this point I am not sure of the law surrounding international adoption to New Zealand (it doesn't seem to be particularly common here, I don't know of anyone adopted from Russia/Ukraine etc), and whether I would even be eligible, due to having a chronic health condition :/

.:♥:. tyraelynn .:♥:. said...

I love this post... however, there is one point I must disagree with! I love the idea of adoption being a rule if there is room and financial means available...in a perfect world. We really wouldn't have orphans--and what an amazing thing that would be. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. Making it a rule would leave a lot of children (orphans) in homes where they are not really wanted and cherished but rather dealt with because they were a requirement. There are already so many children in those homes and it's not even a requirement. I DO wish we could live in a perfect world where it was possible for every child to have a family. It makes me sad to think of all the people in the world without one... but there is a purpose for even the fatherless. GREAT post!

Christie M said...

thank you for keeping me accurate.:)
I didn't mean make a rule.... but meant "norm". "the exception instead of the norm". And you are SO RIGHT. We do not need children moved from one situation into another situation out of obligation.

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