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Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Object Lesson on Unkind Words

This a.m.  two of the girlies were doing their lessons close to the wood stove to keep warm.  They were playing "old fashioned"....
I over heard one say to the other.... "I think Sarah did it!"  Sarah overheard it, and said, "I did what?"  And then there was silence.  UGH

Of course Sarah was a bit upset being accused of something she didn't even know about.  To get school back on track I asked what was going on.  It turns out, it was some silly thing about a necklace that had nothing to do with Sarah.
I had read about an object lesson on gossip and bullying earlier this a.m. and thought! Ah HA! What a perfect time to use it!

So I had each of my girls get a piece of paper out.  They were to wad it up and stomp on  it and get it as wadded and stomped on as possible.  Then I had them unwrinkle the paper.  I told them that this represents another person's heart, and when we say things about them, or use unkind words towards them and hurt their feelings, it causes damage to the other person.
So they had to apologize to the paper for wadding it up, and I, (the voice of the paper) forgave them....:)

And then, I said, "But look! The paper is still all wrinkly, even though it has forgiven you!  And this is why we must be VERY Careful with our words... Somebody will forgive, but the scars and wounds of unkindness can linger in our hearts for the rest of our lives!

And as soon as the object lesson was over.... one little girl went over to Sarah and said very sincerely, "Sarah, I'm really sorry! Will you forgive me?"  And she did. :)

1 comment:

JJ said...

This is also WAY cheaper than having a contest to see who can squeeze all of the toothpaste out of a tube of toothpaste...when the real point is to then see who can put it back in. Nope, you cannot take words back...once spoken.

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