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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Society

Erika and I were headed to Scottish Rite Hospital yesterday to have her leg adjusted and to get new straps, as her velcro  had worn out.

As we were driving towards the hospital, Erika wanted to listen to Christian Radio.  I am typically not a radio listener, so I was shocked at the commercials on the Christian Radio Station.
This is just a part of what we heard:
Give the gift of a new body for Christmas.
The commercial was from plastic surgery group that was advertising surgery as a GIFT!
So if you aren't satisfied with your face or your stomach or your hips or your nose, you can FIX it!
Then, there was the commercial for the "perfect smile".  This was all about cosmetic dentistry. Not dentistry that is needed because you have a tooth ache, but because you want your appearance to be better and your smile to be white!

Erika and I looked at each other after several of these "bombardments" with dismay. I can't believe how  we as a society in America, are so infatuated with how we look in the mirror that we feel that we need to spend billions of dollars a year for cosmetic procedures, let alone cosmetics in general!

We had a little talk about it in the car, and then went on to our appointment.  In the doctor's office, we had a long appt. Staying in a small room can drive one to do insane things, like, turn on the little TV in the room.
Yes, we did. We found a cool cooking show, but there were commercials.  To our utter SHOCK, there was a commercial about BUTTS.  I am not kidding. That is what they called it.  Apparently there is this kind of "cusioned" underwear women now wear to make their bottom look bigger? (like anybody needs a bigger bottom in America)  Or, to make it look shapelier.
What was even more shocking was the interview with the construction workers who said they admired big rear ends... and then the women who was doing the commercial actually suggested these things will help you pick up guys and have more partners for intimacy.
With that, the TV went off and we settled for a lesser form of insanity. Silence.

When we were on our way home, I brought up our day's delve into FLESH and discussed how sad it is that people don't accept themselves for who they are.
In the media we here all sorts of reports about young girls who have eating disorders and have low self esteem. That same media then turns around and tells us all the reasons we should not be satisfied with who we are, and that we should pay 10's of thousands of dollars to change our image!

It is SO HARD to compete with media that says, "You are not ok unless you are perfect."  As I  tell MY daughters that who they are on the inside is the most important thing and the most APPEALING thing, to the RIGHT PERSON.  That who they are IN CHRIST is all that matters. The value one has as a person has nothing to do with the outside, but everything to do with a living spirit on the INSIDE.
They are learning what true friendship is and what shallowness is.
I have some very brave girls who, in spite of their outward differences, carry themselves in public with confidence.
I feel sorry for those in our society who have to achieve bodily perfection in pursuit of happiness.
When they get "there", whatever that is..... happiness will not be there, but the emptiness of a white washed sepulcher full of dead men's bones.

And I am really sad that Christian Radio is carrying these ads.


Annie said...

There are some rather skewed forms of Christianity out there. I once went to a very popular local mega church with a friend for a few months. The music was vibrant, and the preaching sometimes good, but one of the pastors, in particular, was always going on about the need for woman to be beautiful for their men, etc. Now, a bit of this, I can buy - but he didn't just mean - don't meet him at the end of the day looking disheveled - he meant (and to my horror one day suggested) meeting him in nothing but a see-through apron. Another time he actually CHASTISED women in the congregation who were "frumpy" - "Is your hair up in some bun, got a collar up to your chin? You think that is how your husband wants to show his wife off?" I was (as luck would have it) sitting there in a navy skirt, and high-necked white blouse, with my hair up in a bun. I guess you can imagine that was the last day I ever went to THAT church. The guy was stupid, on top of everything else! But, I did begin to realize, visiting that church, that simply saying you are "Christian" is not enough to convince me we're on the same wavelength. (They were into the prosperity doctine there, too...another oddity, in my opinion.)

Christie M said...

Annie, I remember Mike and I attending a church a LONG time ago that had these "marriage retreats". We never went and they WANTED us to go so badly they payed for us to go... So we went.
They had these separate sessions for men and women, and I have to say, I have never been so embarrassed in my life, as well as discouraged that the church would put such empahasis on things that are NOT scriptural! All I can say is , I will never forget this woman describing "jungle night"....YIKES!
Mike and I got in the car to head home and we were silent for awhile, and then we both burst out laughing at the utter ridiculousness of the event.

Autumn said...

I totally agree :) Except I had braces and am so glad I did! My teeth were horrendous and now, because of my parent's $1000 sacrifice, I can smile with confidence and speak in public and not worry about my monster teeth. That's the only "cosmetic" thing I will consider for my children - braces. I am not a fashionista by any means - trust me - and my smile isn't "perfect" either, but I am sure glad I had my braces!

Christie M said...

Autumn, I don't think all braces are wrong. :)
I probably could have used them myself. I wish it was still 1,000 dollars! LOL

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