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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Erika's Poor Bone

Erika has a sore spot at the bottom of her leg. She is very boney there, and the prosthetic pad isn't giving enough comfort. She has grown and we are most likely ready to start new legs.... But for now, they relieved the pressure area and added a gel pad to help with comfort. In the mean time, she will stay out of her legs and let her bone area heal.  Poor baby. :(

She is such a good sport. She has some knitting to do. :)  I hope things feel better in a couple of days. She said she can wear her legs, but I am afraid if we don't let it heal first, it will turn into a bigger problem. Our prosthetist agreed...

This is the scarf Erika is working on for a friend. :)  The ends are gray and the middle green. She needs to have it done by Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Erika, I wish I could help in some way... Would you like me to send you knitting magazines? They are in english.

Muddled Muse said...

*hugs* for Erika! She is brave and strong. I'll pray for her leg to heal quickly.

MariaG said...

That looks very sore. 'Hope it heals fast.
Some great knitting and crochet sites I have found:


I know you know how to knit … but perhaps you can learn some new things? I am still learning and find these videos great










I am currently busy making these Grandma Trees for people … using red Paton’s Grace yarn with the size E crochet hook (3.5mm) the pattern calls for. (The pattern is from Australia so that’s where the 8ply is coming from … the yarn I’m using is a 3 weight) In order to hang them from the tree, I’m chaining a loop at the top in a silver/grey colour (same kind of yarn). The trees look so pretty and they are quick to make with easy to follow instructions! (take me a little over 1hr each) Today’s project is trying to find a good way to embroider the date onto the back … maybe I’ll embroider (sp?) on a ribbon and sew the ribbon to the back at the trunk? Any good ideas for me? Next year I plan to make the stars :-)

The yarn: http://www.patonsyarns.com/product.php?LGC=grace

Happy knitting and crocheting! Will you get your mom to post pictures? Please?

MariaG (Canada)

MariaG said...

Oh ... I forgot another favourite site for dishcloths or spa-cloths (facecloths):


If you scroll down a bit you will see a button for free patterns and nice pictures.

MariaG (Canada)

Christie M said...

Thank you so much for all those ideas! She is going to try and wear her legs tomorrow. It is looking much better with 3 days rest. :)

MariaG said...

I like your scarf ... very even tension/stitches!
MariaG (Canada)

Anonymous said...

prayers for Erika. Kelly

schnitzelbank said...

Hi Erika, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I like your knitting! You are doing a nice job. I have trouble knitting... I'm better at crochet! It's one of my goals to improve. You've inspired me to pick up my needles and give it another try over the Christmas break. MariaG sent out a nice list of links, thank you for sharing, Maria!!

Sending you warm thoughts from Los Angeles!

MariaG said...

My pleasure ... there are so many neat projects on all these blogs with free patterns. I'm going to be busy! I noticed in my list of links that I accidentally separarated a link in my attempt to be neat. This should all be together:


... lots of other neat looking free patterns on that site too.

I'm going to try and knit the summer outfit for 18" doll. My daughter would be thrilled!

Before beginning with my Christmas tree marathon, I made a tooth-fairy pillow for our son using this pattern:

http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tooth-fairy-pillow-5 (with a lot of help from youtube videos

I made an i-cord to hang it from his bedroom door knob and made a happy face on the one side and the tooth pocket is on the "back" (icord and pocket in a contasting colour, two button eyes and a red yarn smiling mouth). He LOVES his pillow and it's finished just in time ... his first tooth is wiggly (he's 6). For the first few days he was carrying the pillow around the house like a purse and using it as a pillow on the couch (sofa). Too cute!

I'd love to hear of your favourite sites or patterns. You can email me at: memg at yahoo dot ca (and put the letters "tis" in front of "me" to complete this address).

MariaG (Canada)

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