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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jesus Of Nazareth

One of the movies we watch during Christmas and Easter is Jesus Of Nazareth.  This is a fantastic movie. It is LONG.... over 4 hours, so we break it up over several days. I love how they interpreted the account of Luke.
I remember watching this with the boys when they were younger too.  It is so fun to keep the traditions we had with the boys, for the girls. :)

If you ever have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... what I wonder is why Jesus has blue eyes if He's suppose to be from Nazareth. They probably had dark brown eyes and darkish skin.

Christie M said...

Who knows? I have seen Jewish people with blue eyes and darker skin. I think the actor was picked on his ability to act. :) Somehow Jim Carey wouldn't quite fit that part. LOL

JJ said...

I didn't know that you also like to watch movies in French. Been keeping a secret, eh? Hee hee.

Christie M said...

HAHAHA! I saw that too, but was too lazy to go find the English version. :)

Unknown said...

Jews of Middle Eastern origins rarely have blue eyes, but it's not unheard of. The blue eyes usually happen with Ashkenazi Jews, due to lots of mixing over the centuries.

Robert Powell was a great choice as a great actor, but of course, he, and pretty much the rest of the cast, didn't look Middle Eastern. To be honest, if we are looking for authenticity in looks, a Mizrahi Jewish actor would have been the way to go, but I doubt any of them would have ever played Yeshua. They do play tons of Arab terrorists in Hollywood, but really, playing Jesus in fimls like this borders blasphemy for the observant Jew.

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