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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures make a happy heart.  The area that Alli came from in Russia spoke a different language than Russian.  I was reading about it, and it was close to a Bulgarian dialect, but not Bulgarian either.
I have purchased buttermilk for the girls before, and I forgot how much they loved it. 
So yesterday, I found Bulgarian Buttermilk at Sprouts and bought it. :)

This a.m. I served it and her eyes lit up with joy!  WOW! I remember that my mama used to make this!
I got a big hug out of that one. :)

And the other girls joined her with a glass.  That is, except me and Anna. We were not raised on buttermilk.  So, while I do cook with it at times, I don't think I could drink it. :)

This brought up a discussion about tasting new foods and foods that they have missed having from Eastern Europe.
Sounds like we need to make another trip to the Russian Deli. 


Milena said...

Being the geography nerd that I am, I got so curious :-) Was it close to the Black Sea? Or where in Russia is a kind-of-Bulgarian dialect spoken?

By the way, she's stunningly beautiful in those pictures - what eyes!

Different tastes, as well as smells and sounds really can wake up long hidden memories. I have experienced it several times. It can be great fun - and sometimes hard too.

What exactly is buttermilk? Is it what remains after you've made butter?

Christie M said...

Hi Milena, butter milk is the milk left over after making butter. Heavy creme can be put in a jar and then shaken. The butter forms a large clump. The butter milk is the liquid left over. :)

Alli was from the Chuvashia region, living in the village of Alikovo. I googled it a long time ago. The info I found online, matched what she knew. She was only 7 1/2 when she went into an orphanage, and couldn't remember what she spoke before. She may have spoken both, as many do.

mommajeane said...

My parents were from farm families...and my mom always had buttermilk in the fridge...So I like to drink it and I think any recipe with buttermilk is a winner. I love custard pies and the creamy rich taste of butter :)

We have a Russian store about an hour away. It is a huge treat for them to go there too.

Unknown said...

My kids, who actually eat any kind of dairy, all love buttermilk. Of course they prefer kefir to buttermilk, but that's a whole other story. :D

Milena said...

Thank you so much for the reply! I'll start with my trustworthy 1980 Atlas :-)

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