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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Trip To The Russian Store

That is what we call it.  It is actually the Euro Deli.  It is a little store that caters to Eastern European foods.  Oh the girls were in Heaven!   I shouldn't have gone out, but Miss Alli really needed to go.
So, I hacked, coughed, oh so lady like, there and back...... I'll be glad when this bronchial whatever it is, is OVER.
Miss Alli loves smells from Russia and reminders of her heritage.  I LOVE being able to do this for her.  She likes the foods we have, and never complains, but I know, if I were to have to move to Russia or Ukraine, there would be foods from America that I would miss, and it would be so fun to be able to have them once more.
I am very thankful that the Euro Deli is not too far away. (40 minutes)  The man is always so nice and tests the girls on their Russian. :)  Dobre Utra, .... spaciba... pashalsta...Das Vadanya ...paca..

Here is a picture of our stash:

 Alli is holding this sunflower something.  I couldn't understand the name, so if anybody know, please help me...  Habla?  Or Havla?   It is ground sunflower seeds, sugar and probably egg?  It is a very interesting texture and  is REALLY tasty!  She saw it and said, "Is that what I think it is??"  Then she smelled it and said, "IT IS! IT IS!" Complete with jumping up and down with excitement. :)

 Anna like the pickles.
 Sarah remembers these. She picked them last time too. :)
 Erika always goes for the fish. :)
 And me? I go for Library Books that are in the "donation" area.  I picked up this little bible picture book for a fraction of the value. :)
 Here is a better picture of the sunflower thing. ( I don't know what to call it)
 I think Alli was very pleased.  Mama was too. It is a pleasure to make my girls happy.

Holding up some more favorites.  Last time we found Sausage from Chuvashia region. They were out of it this time, so we settled for Moscow Sausage. :)


Unknown said...

Halva! Oh My Gosh, I completely forgot you don't have halva in the USA! The sunflower thing... I really love the chocolate-pistachio halva I get every Friday morning at the shuk. There are a gazillion flavours of it. So good!

Christie M said...

Oh THANK YOU HEVEL! I knew you would know! :)
So, do tell how this is made!

Unknown said...

Normally I make sesame halva, with tahini, if I have to make it, but here's a recipe for a sunflower based one:
The one I make is similar to this one:

Milena said...

Oh, Hevel beat me :-)

Sarah's bread rings are called baranki - and they are great!

Christie M said...

Wow, you guys are great! Thanks Milena!

mommajeane said...

My answer is below for some reason I couldn't see your comments except for under the next post.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have any remembrance of Chines food but I was probably feed a lot of congee (a common food (mainly for the poor) of just rice and water)because congee ends up being my comfort food :)When I went back to China instead of loving most of the food I ended up hatting half of it! I suppose they (China) just dint make their Chines food like America does Chines food. :)

Claire said...

I was going to say it was Halva, but you beat me to it! I might try a different flavour now, I don't like the sesame one, but sunflower sounds nice.

Mary Grace, I love congee! This recipe has chi ken in it, I like it when I'm ill. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Chinese-Chicken-and-Rice-Porridge-Congee-103051

Keri said...

Halva! One of Nastia's favorite things!

schnitzelbank said...

Halva! My husband is American, but grew up with hippies, and they ate it all the time! ;) Here is a recipe for it:

And my, does that loaf of bread look good! It's about the size of Miss Alli's head! :D

Linnea said...

Halva, I love it. But here in Germany it is said to be turkish food.. whatever, it's just the best!

Annie said...

Yes; you got all the favorites - except I don't see tea and ice cream... Russian ice cream is the BEST. I always get Kvas and smoked cheese for Sergei and black sunflower seeds for Ilya. Zhen's favorite thing is dried squid, and Anastasia loves these things that look like white cheddar cheetos, but are actually sweet. First time I ate one I almost gagged, but they've grown on me!

Christie M said...

Next time ya'll go on your comfort food trips, take a picture and put it on your blog. I'm interested to see other folks favorites!

Unknown said...

I just got back from Hungary a few days ago with plenty of comfort food for my Hungarian born/raised crowd. Since I already posted 3 entries today, I'll post some photos tomorrow after I get back from the hospital.

Callie said...

Oooh, Halva! I really like the Sesame kind, but I will eat it any which way. It tastes a lot like solid cotton candy to me (and more nutritious maybe?)

The girls are so lucky to have reminders nearby! I will always remember my favorite Ukrainian chocolates. They came in a green and gold wrapper and they were Chamomile flavoured.

Callie said...

I just remembered what they were called: Romachka

TheRussianStore.com said...

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