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Monday, January 23, 2012

Google Look Ups, Amputee

Sometimes I check my blog feed to see what folks are googling and how they wind up on my blog.
There was one this a.m. that was disturbing..... "stumpy, girl, h*t, amputee".

So, to whoever in Denmark, who looked up those words twice, and came to my blog: My girls are NOT for your "oggling"... they are respectful, kind girls.  This is not a p*rn sight.

This is the kind of stuff that makes one go private, and it makes me ANGRY.  I have seen this a few times in the past, but never said anything.  Most of the time these things come from Asia.
I am not going to go private....because I don't want evil people to win.

The purpose for this blog is to talk about adoption, faith, love, family, and to educate about special needs.
Maybe, whoever you are, can look at some of what I write, and find that there is a better life for you than oggling little girls with no feet.


Milena said...

That is the one major reason why I don't blog about my family - although I really would like to. I'm too afraid of all the strange people....

However, if you would go private, I hope I would be able to get an invite!

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Oh, I am so sorry. And so sad. I absolutely love your blog and it is one of my favorites to be encouraged by your faith and your beautiful family. If you do go private, and I wouldn't blame you, I hope to get an invite as well.


Christie M said...

I do not plan to go private. I am just letting folks know, that if I have to, I will. This happens rarely, but it REALLY ANGERS ME...because it is SO EVIL.
I feel that the blog offers much good, and this is one of the downsides of public blogging.

I may be purchasing a program to find and locate the actual IP address if needed and turn over these folks to the authorities.

:)De said...

I don't know what to say....


Tavora said...

This is my first time commenting here. I just wanted to say this is so sad! Your girls seem like wonderful young women and it saddens that me that someone out there might have disgusting motives for coming to your site.

My boyfriend is an amputee and walks with a limp. It always shocks me the looks we get out in public and the things people say to him and to me because i'm with him! I just want to slap close-minded people!

Christie M said...

Thank you Danielle for taking time to write a comment. We live in a sad world. I know what you mean about the looks and the wanting to slap. :)

Keri said...

oh Christie, I have struggled with that for years too. I HATE it. I make a point to hold onto their IP addresses jUST in case, though I know they are thousands of miles away ( mine are often Denmark, too, but also lots from Croatia.) The first time I saw "hot orphan girl" listed as a search tag,I felt like throwing up. But, like you, I REFUSE to let the bad guys win. So sorry you had to deal with that again...

Holly said...

Sorry you had to have that experience. That's awful.

I have had searches like that on my blog before, and it's awful enough when it's just pictures of ME, let along pictures of your children. :/

A word of advice, if I were you I might go back and edit this post to take out the words "porn" and "amputee" etc. (Like, put a * instead of the "O", or soemthing)

This is because search engines track sites by the words that occur on them the most, so even though this blog post is obviously NOT about that kind of content, search engines aren't smart enough to tell that, and just think the content is there because the words are there, even though the context is totally different.

Wow. Sorry if that big paragraph made no sense, but just a piece of techy advice for you to hopefully help discourage it from happening again. :/

Also, I agree with FaerieMama's suggestion to hang onto the IP addresses, and if you can, block them.

Holly said...

Oh! Also! As for a programme to find and track the IP addresses, I don't know that you'd need one.

I'm not a Blogspot user, but I *think* there is some way to find IP addresses who visit you from within Blogger. Do you have Google Analytics for your site stats? How are you locating the search terms used?

Our power will be out for most of today for building work, so I won't have internet, but I will back on this evening, so send me an email adventuresofholly(at)gmail(dot)com if there's anything I can help with. :)

Christie M said...

Done.... Thanks Holly!

Jo's Corner said...

As an amput*e myself (and not for a very long time), I have run into this myself. There are people (mostly men) who are called "devotees". They have a "thing" for female amputees. It IS kind of strange, particularly with your young girls. Always makes me uncomfortable, but I like you, will not go private. I am just more aware of the photos I post.

Christie M said...

Jo, our prosthetist told me this several years ago. He said that one time they had to call security because of some nut.

Callie said...

I just want to agree with everyone else. The fact that people are looking for this is horrifying, but I think your blog does so much good and delivers such a message of love and encouragement that it is not worth giving up because of a few disgusting people!

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