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In this life we can not always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.." :) Mother Teresa

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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary Sweet Alli part 3

To God Be the Glory Great Things He Has Done, So Loved He The World That He Gave Us His Son.....
When Alli and I were in the hotel, she mentioned to me on day 2 or 3 that she had this secret to tell me.  Honestly...my heart went into my throat on the inside.... I was afraid to hear her secret.  I was nearly panicked! I won't mention what I was thinking.  But I was GREATLY RELIEVED when she revealed her secret.
"I have this really bad side!" 
"You do!"  "Well, I have a secret to tell you too!"  "I have a bad side too!"

You should have seen the look on her face! LOL
I went on to tell her about the true nature of her bad side. EVERYBODY HAS ONE! EVERYBODY!
It is called a Sin Nature.
"Did you know that?"
She replied, "No." 
"Did you think you were the only one?"
How very sad, that she felt so badly about herself.  How very sad that she had not understood that everybody has emotions and anger and fear.

We had many talks that carried into our home life. One talk built upon another until Alli acutally understood the gospel. 
There is NOTHING you can do to be good enough. Only God is good enough.  We lay our sin at HIS feet and HE carries us, bears our burdens and changes our hearts.

We began to pray with her every morning when she awoke.  And we began to see HUGE changes in her.  Most of our times were rather peaceful with a big storm in between.  It was a pattern we would see.

The pattern would be happy and calm, then work to slightly jealous, then irritated easily, then Kaboom!
This meant up a tree, or running to her bed or saying something rude.  
As we worked through this, we found ways that calmed her and ways that didn't.  We adjusted our approach and had many talks in preparation for the next time.  She participated readily in these talks and we always came to agreements on what was best to do.

In the mean time, we also explained to her (I have written extensively about this in other posts) how when your life is mostly Chaos, normal seems odd and unfamiliar.  We comforted her in the midst of her pain, reassuring her that she was going to make it.  We were ALL going to make it!

We spent our school days working on vocabulary and building reading skills.  She REALLY NEEDED to go back to basics.  And it has payed off!  She is almost ready to move into a more age appropriate grade.

We have learned so many things about our precious daughter this year.  She is KIND. She is SENSITIVE. She WANTS to obey. She WANTS to LOVE and be LOVED.    She just didn't know how. :(
Honestly, one of the worst things a person can do to a child is to make them feel that they are unworthy of love.  This happened to her over and over again. 

But in Scripture.... HE is worthy. We don't have to be. We are LOVED pure and simple.  Alli is loved not because of how she performs or what she does, but because she deserves to be loved.
She had never experienced that before.  It was hard for  her to accept. She tried to reject it.
The more she rejected, the more we loved.  And finally, she allowed the Waves of Love to roll over her fully.  She was overcome with joy and peace....and she asked the Lord Jesus to change her.

That was about 6 months ago.  

We saw it immediately.  The struggle was less. The anger was less. And when we spoke to her about sin, she responded immediately. 
Our baby was HOME.... she reached a place of peace and rest that many people never achieve in a lifetime.

She is not perfect. Neither am I.  But oh the fellowship we have together. :) 

I took her out today for a special time. As we were talking she said, "Mama, I never dreamed I would make it to a whole year!"  "Now I KNOW I am here forever!" 
I told her, "And next year, it will be two years, then three, and before you know it, daddy will be walking you down the aisle!" 
She had this big, satisfied grin on her face.
Yes.... she is home! :)

This Sunday, our sweetie is going to be Baptized.  One of the things we ask our children to do, is to give a testimony in front of the church.  This is Alli's personal testimony. Written in her own words:

                                                                   My Testimony

I believe that Jesus was the Son of God, that Jesus was the Messiah and that He died of our sins.  I believe that some people go to hell and some go to heaven.
I do not believe in Jesus because I do not want to go to hell, but because I know He is real and that He can change people, because He has changed me.

He has brought me where He wants me to be, in a good place and a family that is good to people and that trust in Him.  I believe in God! :)

I was in a hotel with my mom. I really didn't know about God, so I said that I had a really bad side. Mom said, "every body does, but God can change that if you pray to Him."
And then I was home and I learned more about God. I prayed every day and my bad side started to go away a little at a time.  I realized a pattern. If I did not pray the day will not be very good. If I did pray, it would be a good day.
I went to church with my family and I met this AWESOME Preacher.  He was really nice and I learned more about God. I said I wanted to be baptized.
I found out taht my bad side was because we are all sinners, and I felt really bad that we are sinners. I wish we were not sinners.  I found out that Jesus died for our sins and that He washes our sins away!
I felt bad about sin because God does not like sin and it makes Him sad. I do not want God to be sad. I want Him to be happy. And that is how I became a believer.
Since I became a believer my life has changed. I now trust my parents and God has helped me be part of a family.


On Sunday, I will take a picture and then we will all go and celebrate at the famous
Chuck E. Cheese! :)

( for those new to this blog... I have chronicled the best I can our first year with Alli, who is originaly from Russia. She came to America at 9 and a half.  Unfortunately her adoption disrupted, and then her second adoption also disrupted. We are her 3rd family in the U.S. ( not including respite care and her birth family, and orphanage experience)  She is a living and true miracle. :)

See Parts one and two here and here.


355 Mockingbird Hill said...

Oh my, this brought tears to my eyes! Precious Alli, what a testimony you have to share with others. God will use you in great and marvelous ways!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it brought tears to my eyes, too. What a sweet blessing Alli is and your family is. God is wonderful, beyond words. And what a testimony! Kelly

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Alli, on your decision to get baptized. It's a wonderful moment in your life when you discover what you really believe in and what path you want to follow for the rest of your life! Wishing you blessings on your journey!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I didn't know she was disrupted twice! I'm really glad you found each other. I hope she will have a new, healthy relationship with her bio siblings in the future.

big hug

L said...

So amazing! Congratulations Alli! YOU are amazing!!

Julianne said...

This is beautiful - welcome home Alli! You are truly loved and have a wonderful forever family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your one year and many more to come!!! I never knew how inspiring such a young girl could be. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be taught so much about the ability to love, forgive and freely give by 4 little (well not so little) girls! Thanks for sharing in your journey and welcome HOME little Alli! You are a blessing and will be used in many great ways!

You Are Still Holy