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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Friday, February 17, 2012

If Not Us, Then Who

My friend Jeane's daughter Cate posted this on her blog.  It is from No Greater Joy Mom, and I wanted to share the post with you too.
It is called "If Not Us, Then Who?"

There is a sentiment around, including some social workers, that if you want to adopt, you need to do it in America.  They do not understand why anybody would cross the ocean for a child. 
This post shows WHY. 
Jesus said to Love your neighbor.  And a scholar of the law  asked, "Who is my neighbor?"  He was trying to trick Jesus.

Luke 10:25-37 

You can read about the story in the Book of Luke.  It took a Samaritan, a foreigner to take care of the man laying on the road.  Jesus says, we are ALL neighbors. If you see somebody in need, take care of them.
The Lord lays different adoption plans  for different families.  We should not be so closed minded in our society and in our hearts as to condemn somebody for adopting from overseas, OR for adopting in our own country.  It seems silly, really. 

All children need homes.  All orphans need love.  How can anybody say, "You shouldn't go and love that child!"  Are we without conscience? 
Instead, we need to pray for those who are orphans and involve them in our lives, either through adoption or advocacy, or supporting other families who choose to walk the path of adoption. 

There are also many who do not like the idea of fund raising.  Phooey!   Why Not?  Adoption is incredibly expensive on either side of the great pond!  If fund raising brings a child home; so be it!

The despair that some of our children have come from breaks my spirit to the core.  I am still haunted to think of what would have happened to Erika, Sarah and Alli, all from Ukraine and Russia. 
It seems so strange to think about it.  They are my precious girls, and they are happy and normal kids, living in Texas.   But had it not been for God moving on hearts, where would they have possibly wound up? 
For Erika and Sarah, a MENTAL INSTITUTION! For Alli, the Streets.  Both scenes, dismal and hopeless.  
BUT GOD.....
Why are institutions allowed to STARVE children to DEATH, forcing them to lay until they die?

Erika REMEMBERS being in a straight jacket, looking up from her crib of hopelessness and being HUNGRY.  She remembers ALSO, from her hopelessness, a peace from the Lord.  HE visited her when there were no visitors.  How she left that laying room after 4 YEARS and went to the orphanage where she met Sarah is beyond comprehension... but she did. And PRAISE THE LORD she is HOME!  After nearly 8 years.... she came home.   

It seems like another world, a distant dream now..... but we cannot forget those left behind.  They need our prayers and concern, and they need us to love them, and BRING THEM HOME, or they face certain DEATH.
So the next time you run into somebody who is adopting, either HERE or THERE.... Support them, Encourage them, and think about adoption yourself!


JJ said...

(Posted most of this on FB...minus the names.)

May it prick the hearts of those who read it!

Anonymous said...

To me it looks already a miracle Erika can talk after ALL they made her go through. Hearing she is doing so well and being the extraordinary human being she is make me so happy. She is only 13 and already a great example to get inspiration from. I wish so much I could adopt, but being single and a full time worker seems to be worst of careless parents, all I can do is help children in need in many different ways, but according to our laws I'm not good enough to be a mother.

Christie M said...

Chiara, I bet you would be an awesome mother. You have a mother's heart. :)

Some of us are called to help others, which is what you do. You are an IMPORTANT part of the adoption community.

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