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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Twist and a Shout....

 The Twist.....
We are starting our school a little later this morning.  Today is President's Day and officially George Washington's Birthday.  So, I was catching up on email, and then I heard in the background a very tender motherly voice....
"Sweetie, do you need anything?  Can I get you a passy? " and then some more tender words.
The voice was Alli's voice. She was being the mother.  She actually looks like a mommy this a.m. because she didn't have time to comb her hair before her job began! LOL

She was kindly instructing her child, ANNA.   Anna was playing the part for her and it was so sweet listening to them interact. :)
Alli has LEARNED a LOT about being a mommy this year and she has taken it to heart in her play. 
Oh the difference a year can make! :)

And what a difference for our Anna too. :)
Neither of them really knew how to pretend and play when they came home. Anna was 5, Alli 11.
I will NEVER forget giving Anna a baby doll. She held it out by the foot and looked at me like, "What do I do with this?"  
She had 2 imaginary friends, "Holly and Sister Nuthin".... that she played with and talked to, but there was really just not much imaginary play that was constructive.  Meaning, there was no pretending Family relationships, because she didn't understand them. It was more silly, or reliving a Sponge Bob episode.   :(
When she asked about her new found baby doll,  I told her, "Oh sweetie, we don't hold our babies by the feet!"  "We wrap them in blankies and snuggle with them and feed them and take care of them!"
And then I showed her how.
She tried it at first and then came in and announced "I have to go to wook!"  "Can you take care of my baby?"  hmmm. ( at least she knew somebody had to take care of the baby)
"I said, No, YOU need to take care of your baby." 
"No, you need to take care of your baby! She is a newborn! She isn't ready for you to go to work!"
Anna said, "Aw you gonna take cao of my baby owa not? 
I said, "I am not."  :)
So, she picked up a fake phone and called Holly and Sister Nuthin and asked them to do the job. LOL
And that began her world of imaginary play that was "family related". 

Family play is so very VERY important in our children's development.  We used the "Happy Family" dolls for a long time, instead of Barbie dolls. They have all graduated to Barbie dolls and spend time sewing clothing for them, but I am so glad that we used the Happy Family dolls first, to establish FAMILY role play. 
If you sit and just listen to your children play, it is amazing what you can get out of that play time.
I used to do this with the boys too.  Their play told me if I was doing something right or wrong with them.  Did I like how they imitated me? 
It is very telling to have your child pretend to be a parent. :)

And this is my shout of joy......

Over time, Anna developed into quite the little mommy, mothering not just dolls, but ducks, chickens, roosters, goats and kittens.  And I see Alli following the same path. :)
Both girls are VERY good with little children and love interacting with them.  Anna always finds the humor of little one's reasoning skills. :) 

I love it that the girls still pretend, even though they are older. And I love it, that I can hear sweet voices of comfort and caring coming from the other room, even if Miss Alli's hair STILL isn't combed this morning. :)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

How cool. I quite enjoy watching my two youngest play. At three they are just starting to really role play. So funny.

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