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Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Are HOME!

 Arrival at our room.
 School days never get a break.
 The amazing menu!  This is just 2 pages of menu items. There were more!  The hospital now has room service. When you are hungry, you order, any time of day until 6:00. 
 A room with a view:

 Erika's bracelet said, falls, so we wrote "Forgets" on mama's. :)
 Getting ready to go.

 The Elevator Ride

 The X rays
 The Man! (Dr. Herring)
 Erika and Robert  (he makes legs)
 Erika and Pastor Justin
 Dr. Herring again
 The other Dr.... (learning with Dr. Herring.  He likes "hips and spines". :)
 Visiting with sisters and daddy

 The nicest nurse in the world!
 Mama and Anna

 Miss Wanda.... (she also makes legs)
 Kiley... a friend from Camp.

 This is the intake area.
 And there she goes with the anesthesiologist.

 Back in our room after surgery.
 The morphine pump is doing it's job. LOL
 Visits from some very special people. :)
 Anna came in and fell into my feather bed. She misses me. :)
 Alli trying out Erika's new transportation.
 Erika received a Raggedy Ann and Andy Doll, handmade by some very special volunteers.
 Anna still misses me. :)

 Good byes from Daddy.
 Mommy and Erika did our best at Art Work. These will be fired next week and we can pick them up when we go back in two weeks. :)
 Piano lessons in the child life room.
He is a really nice man.
And here is where the doc said, we can go! :)
Erika has pictures from inside the operating room believe it or not. LOL


Anonymous said...

What a tyrant for making poor Erika do school after surgery! :)

I cant wait to see you, Erika! That is if you go to church.

Get well soon!

Unknown said...

Yay for getting home fast! Wishing a speedy recovery!

Christie M said...

HAHAHA! MaryGrace, that was the day before surgery. :)

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Your family makes my heart smile. So glad Erika is doing well. :-)

Holly said...

I'm glad to hear that Erika is home and doing well. I love that you took so many photos, that's totally something I would do!

Also, I love the tiles you painted, they're awesome, and how cool to have as a memento of the experience. :)

MariaG said...

Welcome home Erika! Nice to see all the pictures :-)
MariaG (Canada)

Anonymous said...

Dear Christie and Erika, thank you for sharing so much, I'm truly glad Erika is in such a good spirit. I really felt you very close with all you post, and it was very relifing getting to know she was not scared, not very much in pain and defitely not scared. welcome home darlings!

Chris said...

So will this require new prosthesis?
I gotta read back...surgery was for bone over-growth?

Christie M said...

Hi Chris,
Yes, she will be having new legs made starting in about 3 weeks. It will take 6-8 for them to be completed, so we are wheel chair bound for awhile. :)

Annie said...

Those photos really were touching. I am so glad she was so loved on by everyone - and so trusting that she would be, too. Also, I see many a trigger there for my little girl.... Both the vulnerability and the attention would have sent someone at my house off into the stratosphere of dysregulation - whether she were the patient or the sister. Sounds like you escaped that - I'm so glad!

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