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Thursday, March 8, 2012


 When I was a kid, I remember clay day at school. We had to make something beautiful, it was then painted and taken away to be fired.... when it returned, I was so proud of my beautiful bird.  I took it home and showed my mom.  She looked at it, and was rather unimpressed.  It was never mentioned again.
About 30 years later she gave it back.  It looked like a little kid had squished clay in their hand and painted it, then fired it and said it was a bird.   Oh boy! That is NOT how I remember that bird looking.  Maybe she mistook MY masterpiece for somebody else's?  hmmmm.  Probably not.

It is fun to watch the Noelles blossom. :)  When we made our lungs last month, I noticed how detailed Alli was.  They all did really good, but she seemed to have this detail to her work.

Well, the rest of the clay has been sitting there, and this is what she has done in the last HOUR....
 a cat for erika

 a girl for Sarah
 a dog licking his paw for Anna
Yes, I think she may have some artistic talent there. :)

I think my latest talent is baking gluten free cookies to add to my waist line. :)

And then there are the talented people at LifeSeasons who have developed this Anti-Hotflash capsule!  Yes, THANK YOU!

Alli declared that everybody has talent in this family! She went on to name Anna's writing ability, Sarah's Dancing, Erika's knitting, mommy's singing and cooking and daddy's fixing things.....

The neat thing about her discovery is that she is seeing that her own talents are HERS and they are OK. She doesn't have to strive to be like everybody else. :)  This is BIG for her.  
Last year at this time she was trying to convert herself into a clone of Sarah.  Today, she is happy to be Alli. :)  And we are happy she is seeing that she has much to offer from within herself.


Unknown said...

I am kind of happy my childhood creations are all gone. I can remember them being beautiful without having to face that they are not. :)

Alli has some serious talent there! I hope she can cultivate it.

MariaG said...

Alli you are very artistic! Wow ... 'love those sculptures:-). When watching that "connected" video I saw that Anna has a talent for dancing too! As Alli observed ... you are a talented family:-)
MariaG (Canada)

Holly said...

Wow! She is definitely very talented! Those are awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Alli looks really gifted, i remember my schoolmates do something like that at 17/18 years old

Milena said...

That is a big lesson to learn, that we are all different and with different talents! Good for Alli! And she really does have an artistic talent :-)

Muddled Muse said...


I am so impressed by those models! Alli really does have amazing talent.

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