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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Head Coverings Revisited

I wrote a post a long time ago about Head Coverings called "Head Coverings and Me".....

I have been covering my head for years, but not 100% of the time.  Since the new year, it has been 99% of the time. :) 
I am one of the only people at my church who cover my head, and I am THANKFUL that it is no big deal there. :)   Before we joined our church we asked if it would bother them if I did, and they said no. Oh how I love this body of believers. :)

I found this article while looking for new head coverings tonight.  I thought it was really a good article, though I didn't care for the coverings shown. LOL
I have needed to find something that STAYS ON! I think the Amish and Mennonites have perfected that need. :) 
If I am BRAVE..... I am going to attempt to make my own as needed. But for now, I'll order ready made.
As I have prayed about this subject over the years, my heart has not changed and the Lord continues to convict my heart that this is right for me to do.

When Alli was baptized, Marcus and Ivy came to our service, and Ivy has also joined in covering during worship.  :) 

For me, it has become not just a time for public worship, but for all the time, as Paul speaks about  praying without ceasing. 

I think my struggle has come to an end, and I am at total peace. :) 
Hope Anne has also helped in this, as she too has come to the same conclusion. :)

As I have said before.... I do not judge those who do or those who don't .... but I have to walk in TRUTH as I believe the Lord has directed me to do.  This is not a "salvation" issue, but for me, it is an obedience issue.


Joy said...

I noticed that in most of your pictures your head was covered, and I wondered if it was for the reasons you stated in this post or if you were just holding your hair back.

I have a question about your girls. Will it be up to them to choose whether or not to cover their heads? Is it something that is done at a certain age?

I am a Christian, btw, and I am clueless on this subject. That's why I'm asking these questions. :-)

Christie M said...

That is a really great question Joy.
We all cover our heads at church. The girls wear either a head covering or wide head band. So far, it has not been an issue at all. It WILL be up to them to follow their convictions.
I have begun to teach them why I think it is important, but will not judge, if they choose to do something different.

Unknown said...

A while back I had a Muslim friend write about her hijab. I also had Hope Anne write about why she covers. My SIL also wrote a small piece I never got around to posting. I'm thinking about adding a mini-site to my site about the women who cover and why... Would you mind sharing there?

Linnea said...

I have to ask you a question, I hope you don't mind.
I'm from Germany and Christianity over here is certainly different from what it is in the US. Here, you are either catholic or protestant (pretty much depending on which part of the country you where born). There are a few "free churches" like baptist etc. but they are still a very small minority. I'm a protestant (lutheran) and quite young too (21). Protestant church in Germany has developed to be very liberal not taking the bible literally but more as a metaphor, allowing priests to have a family, advocating for faith being connected with hope and joy as in opposite to the catholic faith said to be centered around fear (to go to hell), sin and expiation.
My question is now how you as the educated and empowered woman you seem to be ("knowing" you only from your blog ;-) can be comfortable with this whole "the man is superior to the woman"-thing like the man is the authority of the woman and such.
To me, from my upbringing and my system of believes (in an earthly meaning) this is something I find very hard to understand.
I hope you don't feel offended by this question. It is not meant as an attack at all and I hope that my English is understandable too.

Ivy said...

Christie, my new favorite covering is the pre-tied bandana scarf from coveryourhair.com They are super comfortable and STAY. love love love.

Christie M said...

Hevel, of course you can. :)

Linnea, I think I will need a blog post to answer this. LOL
Thank you so VERY MUCH for asking!

I do take the scripture literally where it is supposed to be literal.:)
One of the places I believe it to be literal is 1 Corinthians. There is nothing metaphorical there. Paul is giving specific instruction about order within the church and direction about societal order.

I have no problem with my husband being my "head", because in Christianity, "head" does not mean dictator or ruler, "lording over" me... Husbands are servant heads, they are humble and kind, gentle and supportive and they are protectors. The instruction to husbands is to LOVE YOUR WIVES AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH. There is no where in scripture that says a husband should FORCE his wife to SUBMIT to him!
That submission is between a woman and the Lord. Her obedience is directly TO THE LORD.
There is beauty in this. As a husband SUBMITS himself to the LORD, he loves his wife properly and tenderly. As a woman SUBMITS to the LORD, she honors her husband properly, treating him with great respect.
We do not do this perfectly, as we are not perfect. :)

I think there is a big difference in some other religions and even some cults that teach outside of scripture or TWIST scripture to CONTROL women.
I do not cover my head because my husband is forcing me, and it is not his desire to control me.

We are a team with different functions within our family, and we compliment one another, as God intended family to do.

I am probably an oddity. I cover my head, yet I wear jeans to church.
(clean ones) I do my best to be modest, but do not consider head coverings an issue of "modesty" but obedience.
I know in some religions, a woman who is not covered head to toe is wrong, because the male population only sees them as a sex organ.... I find that rather appalling. And scripture does NOT teach that.

Another thought about "modesty" is that what you wear and dress in does not draw attention to yourself.
I try to cover in a way that fits in with society, but covers too.
It is not easy.
But I take joy in trying. :)

I hope that answers some of your questions. If you have any others, please feel free to ask. :)

Christie M said...

Ivy, I saw those! I recognized it on you on Sunday! Very pretty!

Chris said...

Christie, I noticed that you cover and wondered. It is so refreshing to see someone move toward the head covering instead of making theirs smaller and smaller till it disappears. Did you understand this on your own or did you have other instruction somewhere?


Christie M said...

It was during a bible study where they said it wasn't for today... and after restudying and restudying, I couldn't find where it wasn't for today... So I asked and asked and found so many differing opinions.

We were at a church where nobody covered.. We wound up going to a church where is was about 50/50, and I learned so much. We are now, moved too far away from that church and at our new church I am back to being the lone ranger...but it is ok. I am comfortable. :)

Annie said...

I never, ever had this idea resonate with me and NEVER knew any Protestant women (apart from the Amish and Mennonites) who did.... I'm really surprised, and thought it was a Catholic issue!

I thought someone also pointed out to me on this topic that St. Paul speaks of women braiding their hair as being a brazen, bad thing. If I recall this was the scripture I was referred to when I asked someone about head covering. It just made me feel that we have different ideas today of what is proper and modest and what isn't.

So interesting!

Christie M said...

The scripture about braided hair is in 1 Peter 3:3. Where Peter says to not let your adornment on the outside be what you work on, but let your beauty come from the inside with a sincere quiet spirit.

Paul's direction in 1 Corinthians 11 has to do with the covering.

I remember as a child seeing all the Catholics walk to our local church and they all covered their heads. Why do they not do this today?

Linnea said...

Thank you for answering my question!
I'm still not sure if I can agree with your interpretation but I don't know the Bible well enough and haven't thought enough about this to make up my mind just yet.
However, I think I can understand your argumentation.
I would like to elaborate my thoughts on this further but I don't feel able to do this in English right now - I would need way more time than I got at the moment.


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