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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Past Returns To The Present

Many, MANY years ago, we were soooo poooor!  You may ask, "How poor were you?"  Well, not third world country poor. We had running water and flushing toilets.... but we were POOR.  I could not afford to buy cleanser or cleaning supplies, so I learned how to use Baking Soda. 
I used it for everything, including laundry, dishes, and cleaning the bath tub. 
I was really happy when we were able to purchase those well advertised "cleaning supplies", that in reality just don't work that well. 

FAST forward 33 years. 

A month or so ago, I was reading Sarah Kovak's blog.  She is on my side bar of favorite blogs to read. :)
Sarah is a wife and mom and also has the same condition as Erika; arthrogryposis.  Her blog is delightful to read.

She is becoming more back to nature and guess what?  She gave instructions for using baking soda for shampoo!  And the conditioner?  "Apple Cider Vinegar!"  I have used distilled vinegar before, for cleaning floors,  but not apple cider vinegar for rinsing hair!

One of the challenges around here is with Miss Alli's tangles. She has the most tangliest hair I have ever seen!  I think it is too dry, and then gets oily and the combination is a disaster with tears and frustration that follow.
I decided maybe the shampoo was drying her hair too much.  So we agreed to try Sarah's recipe for shampoo and rinse.
It was fun doing an "accidental science experiment" at the same time.  We added 2 TLB of baking soda into a cup of warm water and stirred it well.  We wet Alli's hair and then poured the solution onto her hair and washed it as we would if we were lathering a shampoo.  We rinsed, and then added 2 TLB of apple cider vinegar and a cup of warm water in the cup.  ( our accidental experiment was that there was still some baking soda in there, so it got real foamy. :)  )    We poured the baking soda on her hair and let it sit for a minute then rinsed. 
Her hair was much easier to comb out.  It lasted for 2 days and it was time to wash again.  The SECOND TIME, her hair responded even more! This time, there were hardly ANY tangles and in the morning it was MUCH less tangly than normal.

I think my theory that her hair was drying out thus causing her to produce more oil, which was a bad combination was correct.  She is happy and I am happy and it is REALLY CHEAP!

I tried it on myself this a.m. and I am loving the results.  So, NO MORE EXPENSIVE or CHEAP shampoos around here. We will be using soda and vinegar from now on!
Another great use for baking soda is for teeth cleaning.

By the way, we buy the 13.5 LB bag of baking soda for  $6.68!  YES SIX DOLLARS and SIXTY EIGHT CENTS!   The vinegar is more expensive at around 4 dollars.

Sarah also has a face cleanser recipe on her blog.  We are going to try that too, as some of the girls are really getting into face cleansers. :)

And now, the past has returned. I have decided to start using baking soda for cleaning products BY CHOICE.   I forgot how well it cleaned. :)
I have returned to my "hippydom".... now to get an organic garden going again. :)


Chris said...

OK, gonna try that again...I didn't do it that way the other time and it didn't seem to work as well.

Anonymous said...

I love that on the internet I can find fellow christians who care about being eco friendly and more close to nature as much as I do! Unfortunately alot of the christians I am around, seem to be opposite! It doesn't make much sense to me!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I found your blog through a "rod and staff" reading post. I figured since I have left NC footprints all over your adoption and homeschool post the last few days, I should at least tell you "Thank You" for inspiring me and allowing me to peak in!

PS. We like baking soda too! ;)

Blessings, Carmen

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Thank You for your blog! It has been inspiring to me. I have left NC footprints on it for days now reading all of your adoption and homeschool post. I found you through a "rod and staff" search - funny - bc it was more a precious Lord thing because I know I couldn't find you through that avenue again. ;)

PS. We like baking soda cleaning too.

Unknown said...

If the smell of vinegar wouldn't make me throw up (so we can't even have it in salads or with chips) it would be a great thing for my kids with all the jewfros. I used to use vinegar as a fabric softener, but I can't do that any more either. It was great for that, too. And with apple cider vinegar you can actually catch more flies than with honey.

Christie M said...

Beloved's Bride,
Thank you for visiting! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd like to try it too! I first read about it on Sarah Kovac blog but I'm afraid that my chemical dyed hair will turn purple or green...

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