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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Post Placement Reports

It is time for us to do Miss Erika's Post Placement Report.   Post Placement reports are a joy to do.  They tell Ukraine that This little one is a PLEASURE AND A JOY!  If you have adopted from Ukraine, PLEASE REMEMBER to do your reports in a timely manner. It MATTERS for those who go after us. :)
Every time we do a report, I am filled with joy of the things we will tell the Ukrainian Gov't.   We will tell them that she is WONDERFUL, that she is AWESOME, that she is SMART and that We LOVE her  with a LOVE that is from ABOVE....
We will tell them that she has had surgery and that she ROCKS!  We will tell them that she has made so much progress in 6 years and that she is AMAZING!
I can't think of any thing else, but I 'm sure I'll try! :)


Milena said...

She really seems to be such an awesome girl and I really can't understand why you have to live so far away that I don't get to meet you and your family IRL!

Christie M said...

I would love to visit the other side of the pond sometime! :)

Milena said...

You are always welcome here! I would be honored to have you as my guest!

Diana said...

Boy, I'm glad you enjoy doing them. I find them stressful and invasive and unless I flat out lie and sugar coat mine (which I don't do), they're not always fun to write. I'm so grateful for my kids, for what they teach me, for the joy they bring me, and that we're a family...but I don't love Ukraine. I don't love what they did to my kids, how they treat the hundreds of kids we left behind, how much corruption there is in the system, the hell they put us through just to get our kids out of that system, and, well...I'd rather shave my legs with a spoon every day for the rest of my life than ever go back. The government didn't give a rip about my kids when they were there, and I fail to understand why they do now.

That said, I still do my reports and I do them honestly and I do them on time. But, I still don't like them, I don't find any joy in doing them, and I'm really glad I don't have to do them again until next summer...and then not again for another 3 years after that.

Christie M said...

Ukrainian reports are a BREEZE compared to the ones for Russia. They REQUIRE a social worker to come into you home and do an update. They require all the pictures, but they have to be labeled a certain way with 6 on each page. They require everything be notarized AND apostilled too! And it costs $$ because of having to use an agency and social worker and apostille. I will be glad when we are done with those. 4 in 2 years.
We have also had to register her with the Russian embassy which has required more birth certificates, passport photos, our passports id's and dl id's and they all have to be notorized too.
Yes, I will be glad when all paperwork is done! LOL

Unknown said...

I love doing post placements... esp. since I don't make it a secret we are raising the children in a family with same sex parents and they are doing great.

Annie said...

Well, I loved the post placements, too, and despite of the kids being from Russia, because of dear Dana, we had them done for free. Actually, she had the good sense to realize how important they are to Russia (where they really do care about their children) and do everything in her power to make sure that future adoptions weren't in jeopardy because of the people who wouldn't have them done.

We were honest; if I'd said Miss A never had a tantrum, they would have thought we had the wrong child. But, I always had so much more good to say, than negative.

Annie said...

Did you always have comment moderation?

I don't think I could do that. I'd be too tempted to edit people's stuff. I can't resist editing.

Christie M said...

LOL... I have had it for a few years I think. I had to because of a mean person, who then lost interest. YEA!
( I didn't want the girls to see anything that wasn't caught)

I don't think you can edit a post, just decide if it gets posted.
I post everything.... unless like before, it was something vulgar, or an advertisement disguised as a comment.

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