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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Victoria Needs A Home

Once again I woke last night to with this little one on my heart.  I began to pray for her.  Is there a family out there for her?  She is 9 years old, just 1 1/2 years older than Erika was when she came home.
Victoria also has Arthrogryposis.  (apparently from  the waist down) I have never seen her waist or feet, but my guess is, they are not very useful.  She is able to get around, and if she had a wheel chair, she could probably REALLY get around.

Is there room in anybody's heart for her?  She is available for adoption and has been listed on the Reece's Rainbow website for years. 

Arthrogryposis is not the end of the world. Handicaps are not the end of the world. They just make us function differently, use our other abilities better and shine for the Lord. 

She needs a loving home, to feel a mother's touch, to have a daddy hold her and to have a chance of a life outside of a bed. Wouldn't it be awesome if she had sisters?

In her country, she has no chance.  When we were in Ukraine with Erika, trying to get her around even the biggest city was nearly impossible.  It literally required we CARRY her wheelchair down flights of stairs and back up again, with NO WAY to get onto the metro.  We could not cross major streets because the crossing was underground.  Just to get her into a few stores was difficult and at some, we had no access.  We had to walk away.
Supposedly there is a "wheel chair" access to get under ground. Do you know what it was?
Cement on either side of a stair way, at a STEEP level (no ramp, this was above stairs, so how to get up there was ?????) and then at the bottom, a CEMENT WALL!  Our translator told us that a wheel chair bound man tried to use it, and died.  The mayor was sad, the town was sad.... not really anything has changed.
We saw no access for anything there.  I take that back, there was ONE sign for handicapped parking... but it was no different than any other parking, and at the airport, there was a handicap sign on a bathroom door.  I was going to help Erika use it, and the door was locked.
That was it folks!

Please pray for Victoria. Please pray for her future family that the Lord will bless them with the finances and ability to go and get their little girl. Pray for her heart to be ready, and pray that she can recover completely from such severe neglect.  Poor baby.


Pam said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog (since I found it in Dec. or Jan.) - I love all your insight into older child adoption - your girls are lovely and I love hearing your parenting tips and seeing the girls blossom!

Thanks for this post advocating for Victoria! I advocate for her too - She has been waiting far too long! Praying her family finds her soon!

Here is a post I wrote for her birthday: http://savinghissparrows.blogspot.com/2011/12/look-at-this-little-girl.html

Here is one I wrote yesterday about Victoria and Igor (also in her orphanage). It also links to a couple of fundraisers for her.

Life2Orphans has additional pictures of her here: http://www.life2orphans.org/photofeed/main.php?g2_itemId=42841

May God continue to bless your family! Thanks again for blogging!

Christie M said...

I would love to know what region and orphanage she is in. We brought Erika home from Kharkiv (Vysoki Special Needs Baby house) Sarah was from there too. I found pictures of Erika from when she was younger on the Life 2 Orphans site. :)

Victoria is special. She is on my heart.

mommajeane said...

You can see into her spirit how sweet she is. I can usually tell from her smile and eyes...and she is precious ...Everywhere we have traveled the special needs are never given access and it is so sad. We will pray for a family for her...

Christie M said...

Thank you Milana. :)

Jeane, I see the same thing you do.
A sweet sweet child who just needs a chance. She has a spark in her eyes.

Nataly said...

My sister Rachel and I just read your post about Victoria.We can see how much you care about her and we will pray for her.Every child deserves a mommy and daddy.I have a feeling that soon the Lord will give her a mommy and a daddy.It will be mostly because someone like you cared enough to help her have a better life and for that you will be blessed!!!:)

Jo's Corner said...

When I look into that lovely little face and those eyes...I see Alli. There is something about the two of them. A strength, the fight to hold on long enough for someone to finally want them. I wrote a comment on FB that she should be Your daughter. Not "should", but can you imagine where she would go in life with your 4 daughters, as her Big Sisters? Oh, I'd love to be her Mama!

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