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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Village Movie Review

Our girls are getting older. Erika is almost 14! They were asking to watch a movie that was not a kid movie, and one that was Scary!   I don't care for scary, but there is one we have in our closet that is both Scary and Valuable.
It is called, "The Village". 

The movie is fiction, but it is also very profound. 

The basic plot is:  A small group of people who have met through a counseling service decide to get away from the awfulness of society and create their own little world where everything is perfect and serene and they won't be hurt again. EVER AGAIN!
Each of them has been touched by awful trauma! Each has had a family member murdered.  That is why they were all in counseling.  And that is how they met.

So, they make a pact, to NEVER again go back into society.  It lasts about 25 years. (that is my best guess)
The movie is charming and eerie, because it is based upon FEAR.  There is FEAR and INNOCENCE mixed in.
As the plot develops, the VERY THING they left behind, happens again, within their own little community. 
A mentally ill child, who is now an adult, tries to kill another person out of jealousy.
The movie ends in an interesting way, but leaves MANY questions.

I think it has value because, it illustrates perfectly that MAN is sinful. You cannot get away from Sin.
They tried to create a perfect environment, yet there were the subtle sins of adultry of the heart. And in the end, they realized that pain is a part of life.

I would not recommend the movie to young children. It is SCARY.   However, there is so much good to discuss, I would recommend it to secure teens or pre teens. 
We did SKIP the one scene where the mentally ill young man stabs another person.   
There is no bad language.   But it is intense.

By the way.... The girls loved it, and loved talking about it after. :)


Amy said...

If you want another scary type of movie that is profound, but has a good message you should check out The Hangman's Curse which is based on the young adult novel by the famous Christian author by Frank Peretti.

Unknown said...

I love The Village! I need to get it, so I can watch it with the teens some time.

We were just discussing the dynamics of society and how it develops a few weeks ago. This would be a good addition to that conversation.

Annie said...

I don't think I've heard of it. You should write this up for Diana's movie review page.

Joy said...

That movie is sort of creepy and then okay once you find out what's going on. I watched it with a teen cousin several years ago and she was laughing at me the whole time because I was so scared. :-)

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