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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Wrongful Life???

This video says that  a couple sued a medical facility for "Wrongful Life" and WON 3 MILLION DOLLARS in a court of law!  A test determined the child they were carrying did not have down syndrome.  But when the baby was born and DID indeed have down syndrome.  The couple SUED because of wrongful life. They said they would have aborted!

90% of babies with down syndrome are aborted now.  Infanticide in the name of "health". 
What a tragic story and what a tragedy.

On one hand it makes me so angry at these parents. On the other hand, I feel sad for them.  They have been raised in a society that is so self centered. They have bought into the EVIL LIE propagated in our society, that different is unacceptable.  Remember, Doctors promote these tests, and DOCTORS OFFER to "eliminate" "terminate", MURDER a baby; a PRECIOUS baby. 

I once had a family member tell me that she would have kept a baby that was born with down syndrome, but ANYTHING else she would have aborted!  I was sitting there in SHOCK, as this was when Erika was sitting over on the couch with her feet freshly missing. :( 

I was so angry, yet bit my tongue. (nearly off)  It would have done no good to say anything other than, "Wow, that is sad."   I wanted to say, "You just eliminated 3 of my children!" UGH....
But the Lord has taught me that grace and mercy go a lot farther.  I'm  just careful that this person keeps a good distance from my girls.

Children who are born with special needs different abilities, or are differently-abled (for you Em's)
should NOT have to justify their existence in society.  Each and every person brings value to our lives. EACH AND EVERY ONE!  How we don't see this in our society is incomprehensible!  

The poor child that is having to be raised in a family that felt he or she was better off dead. :(
WOW!  Can they honestly look in the mirror and see themselves as more valuable?  REALLY?

I don't get it.


Muddled Muse said...

It's not just differently-abled children - there are also procedures called '2 - 1' births where parents with unexpected twins decide to abort one baby because they don't think they can handle having two. I wrote a blog on it a couple of months ago. Truely horrifying, from my perspective as a twin.

Muddled Muse said...

Once convenience is valued over human life - anything goes.

Muddled Muse said...

Once convenience is valued over human life - anything goes.

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

When I read this article several days ago I felt heartbroken and sick. Then I came across this story (I can't find the original article but this one references it. (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/she-the-people/post/after-birth-abortion-can-they-be-serious/2012/03/03/gIQADgiOsR_blog.html
I call it infanticide or murder. It is disturbing to consider such a self-centered society.

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