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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A 14 Month Update

This Year

Alli has been home now for 14 months and I wanted to give a little update on her.  She is doing awesome.
Her one year anniversary passed and it seems that she went through a threshold of not turning back!  I wasn't sure what would happen, as she stressed about getting to that one year and rejoiced after she got there.

What I HAVE seen is her pressing into her studies more.  She is learning to comprehend English better and better which makes it MUCH easier on me.  When I ask her if she understands, she no longer gets defensive, but says yes or no and knows that it is not a test of her worthiness.

One of the biggest changes we have seen is in her ability to cope with dysregulation.  She is ACTIVELY seeking out her tools ON HER OWN.  I rarely have to remind her.  Instead, she will catch herself and immediately apologize without being asked, if she has been snotty.  And being snotty lately is rather rare. :)

She is writing in her Mom Dad and Me book regularly.. and her latest note was sooo sweet.  :) 

Alli has grown 4 inches in a year and gained over 10 lbs.  And she is not showing any signs of slowing down! She may wind up being the tallest girl we have around here.   I asked her if her first mom and dad were tall and she said VERY.... But I'm not sure if that is just a perspective, because she was a very tiny for her age 7 year old. LOL  Everybody is big when you are little. :) I remember one of our boys thinking his dad was HUGE when he was little.  He really wasn't. :)

Easter memories were all from Easter last year and she didn't stress at all about the Easter Egg Hunt.  She fully knew it was going to happen! 

Her relationships with her sisters are secure! She is firmly bonded with each of them and regularly tells them that she loves them.  She in on a daddy daughter date tonight, and before she left she hugged everybody goodbye. 

Morning routine has been the hardest transition for her.  But she is now getting up happily and getting her grooming done before school 80% of the time.  Sometimes she brings  a brush when we are starting to finish her hair. 
I have to say, our new baking soda wash and  apple cider vinegar rinse has made her hair much more manageable in the tangles department. :) 

Right now, she is very interested in all the bugs she can find.  She loves taking jars outside to catch them. She loves climbing trees and making fake cookies on the front porch.  She and Sarah are always playing some spy game, and eventually get Anna to join in the fun. :) 
Overall, Alli is LOVING being a kid.  She is going through all the stages she missed at a younger age, but catching up fast.  We have gained a HUGE amount of ground in 14 months. 

Honestly, I am not seeing signs of RAD anymore.  I'm am seeing very little of the PTSD symptoms, and I am seeing a whole LOT of the Real ALLI.... My heart bursts with joy over this.  This is nothing short of a real life modern day miracle.

She would LOVE to have another sister and has asked about it a few times.  She said, "Mama, we can help somebody else! I'm ready!"  LOL  
At this point there are NO PLANS for another one.  So she is our baby. :) And I think she likes being that baby.  She needs to be the baby for a while longer. 

Did I say I was proud of her? :)


Sophie said...

I am proud of your too. :)

Milena said...

Such a wonderful update! I'm so happy for Alli and for all you!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful! I have tears in my eyes. please, could you tell us more about "baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar rinse" since it seems so eco-friendly, thank you!

Annie said...

There was a VERY interesting piece on "The Story" last night, where a Vietnamese refuge correlates frustation with language to rage.

I really think he is on to something.

MariaG said...

What a wonderful post about a wonderful girl and her awesome family :)
'Love hearing about everyone.
MariaG (Canada)

Penney Douglas said...

Praise the Lord for what He is doing in her life! What a wonderful mother and family she has!

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