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Monday, April 23, 2012

Unhappy With Walmart

I thought  that I had made a good decision, purchasing a couple of dolls from Walmart for gifts to be used at a future time, because they were on sale at a good price.  That was Four months ago.

Well, I gave one of those dolls as a  gift this weekend, and it didn't work RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. 

I took my receipt from the computer to the local Walmart store, with the product that they carry in the store to exchange. I didn't want to return it, just exchange it for one that works. 

They said, because I purchased it more than 90 days ago, EVEN THOUGH it was brand new and had never been used, they would not return or exchange it.
They told me to call the .com number which I did, and they were not really any help, except to say "call the manufacturer."

So now, I am talking with the manufacturer of the product (as soon as they get back from lunch).
We'll see how this turns out.

I have learned a lesson.  Don't buy anything ahead of time when you find a good deal, because it COULD turn out to be money wasted. :(  I hate wasting.  And I REALLY am irritated that Walmart won't help me.  They pretty much said, "too bad".  If they looked at our records, they would see that we purchase from them all the time.
That just might change!


C Dawn's bucket said...

Just wondering what they would have done if you didn't have your receipt with you....

MariaG said...

Christie ... This is very annoying (happened to me too) ... and there is a way around it IF they still have the same doll and it has the SAME bar code (so when it scans it comes out the same on the receipt). Buy a new doll tomorrow and let's hope it's not defective. So you keep the newly purchased "good" doll and return the defective one using yesterday's receipt.
MariaG (Canada)

MariaG said...

Oops ... That should read ... Return the defective doll using TOMORROW's receipt ( the newest receipt goes back with the old/ defective doll). Of course CDawn has a good point too. Good luck. What a pain.

Christie M said...

If I hadn't had a receipt, they would have given me an exchange or gift card. I talked with the real manager tonight after calling the National Hotline Customer service number. They want to make it right.

I also contacted the manufacturer and they want to make it right too.
I am going to work with the manufacturer directly tomorrow.
They were REALLY nice about the whole thing.

The corporate office of Walmart asked our local Walmart to fix things. I found that interesting.

MariaG said...


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