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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dress Up

The girls LOVE to do dress up, and Good Will is a great place to find Dress Up clothes.  Today we scored big time!  Good Will was having a 50% off sale!  Even though they are older, they LOVE to play dress up. 

 The dresses were under 4 dollars and the shoes were  2 dollars! :)  I love bargains that can bring loads of creative play!  I feel Cinderella plays coming on......Summer is going to be fun and creative!
 uh oh........ YIKES......   
 thank you mommy!
 My girls are growing up.... and NO! You cannot wear your dresses to church tomorrow. :) But they DID wear them to watch the 25th Anniversary DVD of Les Miserables... which was, BTW, simply FABULOUS!  ( we skipped over a couple of parts)  but it was GREAT!

twirling..... :)


Milena said...

The dress Alli wears looks wonderful! I don't think I would have let my children have such a dress for playing..... Though maybe IRL it's too worn to wear "for real". Anyhow, bargains are great! And dress up play is great too. I remember playing with my mother's dresses from her youth when I was a child. Now I can't believe she actually let me play with them!

Unknown said...

Awesome! I only have 1 girl in dress up age, but her big sister likes to play with her every once in a while. It, however, worried her that some of the dresses that they generally liked were too revealing.
Bella found that wearing some inserts with some of the dress up clothes makes her feel more comfortable. She got some cleavage covering inserts from kosher casual, and with that a lot more dresses became apropriate to play the queen in. :D

Anonymous said...

Christie, I just caught up on several of your recent posts. Your cup runneth over. What blessings we have in our children. In Christ, kelly

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